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Bridge in Merseyside & Cheshire
Bridge in Merseyside & Cheshire

This is the official website of Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association.  We hope you will find the information you are looking for.  If you don't, please use the "contact us" facility to email us. Click here to send your query/comments.

Learn to play bridge!

Many of the clubs in Merseyside offer beginners' and/or improvers' lessons. There are also easy duplicate sessions for improvers. As these change in availability it is not possible to keep a definitive list on this site. You can access the clubs' websites through the link top left on this site. Depending on where you live, possible clubs to try include Blundellsands BC, Deva, Liverpool BC, and Merseyside Bridge Centre. 

For other suggestions, please click here to go to the EBU (English Bridge Union) education charity's website. 

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Northern Bridge League


2017 Fixtures

    A Division B Division C Division
8 July   Keighley Bradford Manchester
19 August   Bradford Manchester Leeds
9 September   Bradford Keighley Brierfield
7 October   Bolton Bradford Manchester

For further information go to: 

Northern Bridge League Fixtures 2016

2016 Fixtures

Date A B C
Sat 16th July Brierfield Manchester Manchester
Sat 6th Aug Bradford Blackburn Bradford
Sat 10th Sep Bradford Keighley Brierfield
Sat 8th Oct Bolton Bradford Manchester


Saturday 16th July 2016

A pool  Ken Johnston
B pool  Rob Turner
C pool  Gordon Bickley

Saturday 6th August 2016

A pool  Stuart Davies
B pool  Ken Johnston
C pool  Rob Turner

Saturday 10th September 2016

A pool  Stuart Davies
B pool  Rob Turner
C pool  Ken Johnston

Saturday 8th October 2016

A pool  Ken Johnston
B pool  Rob Turner
C pool  tba

Team Selections 2015
NBL Fixtures 2015

2015 Fixtures (Venues and directors to be confirmed)

Date A B C
Sat 1st Aug Brierfield Leeds Manchester
Sat 29th Aug Bradford Blackburn Bradford
Sat 12th Sep Bradford Keighley Brierfield
Sat 10th Oct Bolton Bradford Leeds


Saturday August 1st 2015

A pool David Stevenson
B pool Rob Turner
C pool Jeff Smith
Saturday 29th August 2015

A pool Stuart Davies
B pool Ken Johnson
C pool Stuart Davies
Saturday 12th September 2015

A pool Jeff Smith
B pool Rob Turner
C pool Ken Johnston
Saturday 10th October 2015

A pool Ken Johnston
B pool Stuart Davies
C pool Rob Turner

Review meeting 2015 - Thursday 15th October at Bradford Bridge Club (note change of date from originally arranged)


Northern Bridge League 2014 - teams
Round 4 Saturday 11 October
A Team Bradford
Al Stephenson (capt) & Stu Matthews
Chris Pope & Andy Prothero
David Stevenson & Liz Commins
Matt Foster & Paddy Murphy
B Team Bradford 
Bob Pitts & Barry Jones
Paul Roberts & Julian Merrill
Chris Whaley (capt) & David Howe
Peter Richmond & Dave Edwards
C Team Leeds
Barbara Serres (capt) & Gareth Thomas
Paul Mathews & Richard Freeman
Earl O'Keeffe & Robbie Roberts
Paul Holt & Peter Sumption
Round 3 Saturday 13 September
A Team Bradford
Paul Roberts & Julian Merrill
John & Pauline Rudolf
Dave Flacks & Laurence Stone,
Matt Foster & John Hampson (capt)
B Team Keighley
Chris Whaley (capt) & David Howe
Peter Hall & Dan Millar
Peter Richmond & Dave Edwards
Bernard Kaye & Roger Waddington

C Team

Robbie Roberts & Earl O'Keeffe
Margaret Howe & David Burrows
Paul Mathews & Sally Platt
Geoff Cowie & Cameron Boyd
A Team Round 2 Saturday 30 August
A Team Manchester BC
Al Stephenson & Stu Mathews
Chris Pope & Andy Prothero
Dave (capt) & Jean Keen
Paul Roberts & Julian Merrill
B Team Manchester BC
John & Pauline Rudolf
Paul Holt & Peter Sumption
Earl O'Keefe & Rob Roberts
Paddy Murphy & John Hampson (capt)
C Team Blackburn BC
Rick & Julia Dearing
Paul Mathews & Sally Platt
Barbara Serres (capt) & Gareth Thomas
Margaret Howe & David Burrows

Round 1 Saturday 2 August

A Team Manchester Bridge Club

Bob Pitts and Barry Jones
Dave (capt) and Jean Keen
John and Pauline Rudolf
Peter Hall and Danny Miller

B Team Leeds Bridge Club

Chris Whaley (capt) and David Howe
Stuart Scholes and Richard Davies
Paul Holt and Peter Sumption
Bernard Kaye and Roger Waddington

C Team Manchester Bridge Club

Ric and Julia Dearing
Margaret Howe and David Burrows
Barbara Serres (capt) and Peter Papworth
Paul Matthews and Richard Freeman

Click here for further information on dates and venues for the 2014 matches.

Northern Bridge League 2014 Final Round

Round 4 was held on Saturday so we now know the final positions. Merseyside & Cheshire retained their second place in the A Division. Well done to all those who have played in A Division matches this season. The C Team won their Round but sadly this did not improve the overall position enough to get into the placings. The B Team finished in 2nd place on the day with a healthy score of 91.  Both the C and the B Team finished in 4th place in their Section. We have had one or two new players in the teams this year, so there is every hope that we can improve our rankings next season. For full results please click here.