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Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association
Bridge in Merseyside & Cheshire
Bridge in Merseyside & Cheshire

This is the official website of Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association.  We hope you will find the information you are looking for.  If you don't, please use the "contact us" facility to email us. Click here to send your query/comments.

Learn to play bridge!

Many of the clubs in Merseyside offer beginners' and/or improvers' lessons. There are also easy duplicate sessions for improvers. As these change in availability it is not possible to keep a definitive list on this site. You can access the clubs' websites through the link top left on this site. Depending on where you live, possible clubs to try include Blundellsands BC, Deva, Liverpool BC, and Merseyside Bridge Centre. 

For other suggestions, please click here to go to the EBU (English Bridge Union) education charity's website. 

Merseyside & Cheshire Facebook Page
Merseyside & Cheshire Facebook Page

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Waterworth Cup GP Pairs
The Waterworth Cup

An annual green-pointed pairs event. The three top-placed pairs above 50% who have Merseyside and Cheshire as their county of first allegiance will qualify to represent the county in the Corwen Cup (see EBU website for further information).

Past Winners:

2016 Andy Prothero and Chris Pope
2015 Stuart Matthews and Mark Weeks
2014 Mike Amos and Peter Foster
2013 Andy Prothero and Chris Pope
2012 Beth and Barry Wennell
2011 Paul Roberts & Julian Merrill
2010 Stuart Matthews and Alan Stephenson
2009 Peter Hall and Daniel Miller
2008 Liz and Bill Wattleworth
2007 Geoff Cowie and Rob Roberts
2006 Ray Parkinson and Bill Carr
2005 David Flacks and Paul Roberts
2004 David Flacks and Paul Roberts
2003 Pete Broster and Bob Pitts
2002 Brian Horn and Mike Tucker
2001 Roger Allison and Alan Purdy
2000 Ray Parkinson and Arnold Topham
1999 Tracy and Steve Capal 
1998 Barry Jones and Kevin Jones 
1997 Ewart Evans and Sue Hyman 
1996 Martin Cantor and John Drake 
1995 Jean Mason and Paul Roberts 
1994 Stuart Matthews and Alan Stephenson 
1993 Paul Hackett and W J Parson 
1992 Simon and Lucy Jones 
1991 Gareth Dykes and Peter Sumption 
1990 John Fjortoft and Dave Edwards 
1989 Brian Cornelius and Paul Hackett 
1988 Bernard Krasner and David Shaw 
1987 Margaret Pitts and Dave Debbage 
1986 Peter Slatcher and Georges Drossopoulos 
1985 Glyn Ellis and A Stephens 
1984 Roger Arnold and Mike Tucker 
1983 Peter Hawkes and Erika Slatcher 
1982 Peter Hawkes and Jess Stamforth
1981 Dave and Jean Keen (December) 
1981 Dave and Jean Keen (January) 
1980 Dave and Jean Keen 
1979 Mrs Thelma Richardson and Alan Wilkinson 
1978 Roy Dempster and Mike Swanson 
1977 Ralph Churney and Ted Reveley 
1976 Mrs T Richardson and Ken Littler 
1975 Mrs Freda Feather and Colin Silk 
1974 Stanley Beilin and Malcolm McLaughlin 
1973 Trevor & Marje Broughton 
1972 Stanley Beilin and Malcolm McLaughlin 
1971 Stanley Beilin and Malcolm McLaughlin 
1970 J Ashworth and E Marsh