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Welcome to Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association

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  Merseyside Bridge League
Merseyside Bridge League
This year's Championship Pairs will take place on 17th May 2018 at Liverpool Bridge Club, starting at 7:30 pm. There is no entry fee. Please do all you can to persuade your team members to take part. You do not have to be partnered with someone in your own team, so long as both players in a pair are players in the league.
The AGM will take place on 24th May at Liverpool Bridge Club starting at 7:30. Please try to attend and convince as many as possible of your team-mates to attend.
Bob Pitts has proposed a significant change to the rules, which will be debated at the meeting. 
As Rule 13 stands at the moment, it says: 
'Teams are expected to play within a ten-mile radius of the Pier Head, Liverpool or Woodside, Birkenhead.'
If the proposal is accepted, this will now read:
'Teams are expected to play at any suitable venue within the county. The venue should be acceptable to the away team captain and teams should not be required to travel too far, but a venue which is within a radius of twenty miles from the Pier Head, Liverpool or Woodside, Birkenhead, will normally be deemed acceptable.'
Last updated : 26th Apr 2018 09:46 BST
MCBA Meetings.

The next Executive committee meeting which was to be held on 27th April will now be held at the Deva on Friday 11th May at 7:00. The MCBA AGM will be held at Liverpool Bridge Club, rather than Merseyside Bridge Centre, on Thursday 21st June at 7:00.

Cheshire Salver

The Cheshire Salver is now down to the last two teams. Ted Reveley is due to play Barb Serres in the final.

Eric Howarth Cup

Congratulations to the team of Bob Pitts, Ted Reveley, Dave and Jean Keen for their win in the Eric Howarth Cup at the Deva.


Jean Keen Trophy

Congratulations to the team of Avril Thompson, Gill O'Neill, Sheila Shea and Margaret Barnes on winning the Jean Keen Trophy, Ladies Teams.


Grattan Endicott Cup
Grattan Endicott Cup

Grattan Endicott Cup

A belated congratualtions to Paul Roberts and Joan Marray on winning the Grattan Endicott Cup (County Trials)

Lady Connell

Lady Connell

The Lady Connell, our premier Knock Out teams event is approaching it's final stages. Bob Pitts, team is already through to the final, awaiting the winner of the semi-final between Dave Shaw and Peter Hall.

Cheshire Salver.

The Cheshire Salver, the plate event for the Lady Connell, is at a similar stage. Ted Reveley's team is through to the final and awaits the winner of Barb Serres versus David Stevenson.

Waterworth Cup
Waterworth Cup

Congratulations to Tracy Capal and Paddy Murphy for a fine win in the Waterworth Cup.

Eric Howarth GP Teams of Four
County Trials
Director: Gordon B
Waterworth Cup
Merseyside Bridge Club
Director: David Stevenson
Merseyside Cup
Merseyside Bridge Club
Director: Liz Stevenson
MBL Teams
11th May 2018
MCBA executive meeting
Deva 19:00
20th May 2018
John Armstrong GP Swiss Pairs
29th May 2018
Tournament Committee Meeting
6th Jun 2018
Liverpool Open Pairs
Liverpool BC
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21st Jun 2018
Liverpool Bridge Club 19:00