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If  you are seeking a partner,  please contact Nancy Dougall, her number is 01342 713891. Nancy may also be reached on 07808265610 if you need assistance on the day of the session.

You can also use  the Find a Partner tab on the menu. A message will be sent to  us. Your request will be visible to other members who use the facility.

If you have any questions/suggestions regarding this site, please contact Dave Burman.

Welcome to Meridian Bridge Club

For more infomation please email Karen Marsh (Chair) at or call Linda Souter (Secretary) on 01342 718050

Next SIMs-10th October 2019

The next SIMs takes place on 10th October.

Table money will be £5.50, and guests £6 ( only allowed if playing with a member).


Seat allocation

Next draw for position  will be 6th June

The Club has in place the following rules for seat allocation

  • All SIM pairs will be by drawing for position
  • Every 1st Thursday in a month, pairs will  draw for position

Some pairs will be exempt, if the Committee consider their reason valid.

Having drawn for position, it is not permissible to swap with another pair.

EBU shop

Please note that  a link to the web site of the EBU's shop has been added to the Useful Links tab in the left hand menu,

Find a Partner tab

On the left hand menu, you will see Find a Partner tab. This is an additional way in which you can make it known that you are looking for a partner. You can still ring the person named in the bulletin box on  the left hand side, but also you can now post a message as well. Just click on the tab, and follow the simple instructions.

Important information

If you are a potential visitor to the club, it is essential that you first telephone the person named in the bulletin box on the left hand side of this screen,  at least 24 hours beforehand.

Director: Elizabeth Morrison
Scorer: Ken Oliver
Director: Elizabeth Morrison
Scorer: Ken Oliver
Director: Lesley Smith
Scorer: Ken Oliver
Thu 30th May 2019
Director: BILL
Thu 6th Jun 2019
David Barofka Handicap Competition
Director: COLIN
Thu 13th Jun 2019
Director: MARK
Thu 20th Jun 2019
Director: LIZ
Thu 27th Jun 2019
Summer party/charity event
Director: LESLEY
Thu 4th Jul 2019
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