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Meopham Bridge Club
Meopham Bridge Club

Friendly duplicate bridge every Thursday evening (or almost everyThursday!).

Visitors are always welcome (though there are a few "Members Only" evenings, so we suggest you check with us first).

Bulk Emails

It does appear that some members are having difficulty in opening emails that are sent out in bulk by the club.  This problem may be cured by your putting the sender’s email address ( in the address book of your email hander or provider.

Director: Jackie Adams
Scorer: Andrea Lawrence
Director: John Bateson
Scorer: David Evans
Director: T. Highfield
Scorer: Tony Highfield
Thu 19th Apr 2018
Director: Y. Gander
Scorer: A. Lawrence
Host: P. Leek
Tea Rota: Linda & John
Thu 26th Apr 2018
Director: P. Hodges
Scorer: D.Evans
Host: A. Van De Leer
Tea Rota: Sue & Jackie
Thu 3rd May 2018
Director: D. Reddick
Scorer: T. Highfield
Host: D. Levy
Tea Rota: Yvonne