About the Club

Duplicate bridge at the MCG on Thursday afternoons

Teams matches against other clubs

Membership available to Melbourne Cricket Club members only

Members may invite a guest to play as their partner each Thursday

Looking for a partner?

Please contact Mr Brian Bailey in person or on the MCC Bridge Club telephone

0437 248 367

Joining the MCC Bridge Club?

To apply click here

Useful Contacts

Committee Members
Chris Nixon
Treasurer: Linda Willersdorf
Secretary: Rick Gaylard

For full committee membership click here

Emergencies and last minute changes: The MCC Phone 0437 248 367
Please note the phone is only activated on Wednesday and Thursday. The service does not include partnership enquiries

Roster: Brian Hassett: Setup/packup roster : brhassettptyltd @ bigpond.com 0419 219570

Interclub matches: Margrett Hardie

Website: Alistair Minson:

Comments, suggestions: alistair.minson@gmail.com

Interclub Matches 2018
Interclub Matches 2018

MCC Bridge Club

Programme of Interclub Matches 2018

Tuesday 20th March v RACV (away) 9.30 am

Monday 21st May v Royal South Yarra (away) 9.30 am

Tuesday 12th June v Australian Club (home) 6.30 pm

Wednesday 18th July v Alexandra Club (away) 9.30 am

Monday 10th September v Kooyong (away) 9.30 am

Monday 15th October v Royal South Yarra (home) 9.30 am

Wednesday 21st November v Melbourne Club (away) 6.00 pm