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Duplicate bridge at the MCG on Thursday afternoons

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Membership available to Melbourne Cricket Club members only

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 Chris Nixon
Treasurer: Linda Willersdorf  
Secretary:  Rick Gaylard  

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From the Chair
Members' Equity

                                                       RETURN OF EQUITY TO MEMBERS


Given the financial reserves held by the club exceed any foreseeable circumstances or need, the committee has approved, on a twelve month trial basis, two new benefits for members. Details are as follows:



On two days in the next twelve months, members will not have to pay the normal table fee. The days will be chosen at random by the committee and no prior notice will be provided. Non-members will pay the normal visitors fee.



The club will provide a subsidy for lessons of a maximum of up to $50 per member per annum, provided that the subsidy does not exceed half the cost of the lesson to that member.

As an example of how the scheme could work, assuming a group of four members organised a two hour lesson at a cost of $200, the members would pay $100 in total and the club $100. Any non-members would pay their full share of the cost.

The choice of teacher is up to the members, but he or she must be a recognised professional.

It is suggested that members consult with a committee member prior to taking their first lesson to confirm that the intended arrangement complies with the spirit of the scheme.

In order to minimise the administrative burden, the members would pay the teacher in full at the time of the lesson, obtain a receipt and the treasurer would issue one cheque to cover the club’s contribution. The organiser of the lesson would then distribute the refund to the individual members.




.. March 2017

MCC Bridge Club

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the MCC Bridge Club held in the Hans Ebeling Room at the MCG on Thursday 22 October 2015 at 11.45am


Present: See attendance records


Apologies: Don & Shirley Bowman, Alison Simon, Jim O’Collins, Brian Bailey, Rosemary Nurse, Martin Marks, Ted Ede- Clendinnen, Graeme Hardie, Alastair Carnegie, Dorothy Bugg, Geoff Hone.


Proxies: See any Proxy Forms attached


Chairperson: Chris Nixon


A quorum being present, Chris Nixon welcomed those present and declared the meeting open.


Approval of Minutes of previous AGM: The Chairman sought a motion approving the minutes of the Annual General meeting held on Thursday 9 October 2014 as a true and correct record. Proposed: John Lill, seconded: Cathy Taylor. Carried unanimously.


1 Chairperson’s Report:


1.1 Club Statistics: By way of introductory comment, Chris Nixon presented some statistics about the various activities of the bridge club as follows: There are currently 154 members as compared with 136 members last year; there were 45 Thursday sessions of bridge played with an average of 16 tables per session; There were 8 interclub matches played, MCC winning 3 of the 8 and 11 lessons given by Ben Kingham during the year with his last lesson drawing 20 members.

1.2 Future of the Club:

Chris Nixon stated that the club continued to be a rewarding and pleasant place to play bridge and whilst the committee was regularly reviewing the future of the club he called for any person with any contributions, ideas or comments concerning the club  to advise him or a Committee member accordingly as soon as possible.

1.3 Finances:

The chairman pointed out that the accounts were in a sound state but that they are  starting to reflect the return of equity to members  policies that have recently been implemented.   

1.4 Lord’s Trip: The Lord’s trip as organized by Helen Fitzpatrick was successful in all respects save that MCC only won 1 of the 6 matches.

1.5 Acknowledgments:

Chris Nixon thanked Sue Kelso, Greer Dutton, Sonya, the previous Auditor Scott Brierley, the current Auditor Andy Home and all committee members for their valuable contribution and assistance during the year in making the Bridge club such an enjoyable place for playing bridge.



1.6 Questions from the meeting: Chris Nixon then called for any questions.


1.6.1 John Lill suggested that the appointment of the new auditor should be minuted. This was referred to General Business.

1.6.2  Colin Campbell raised the issue of whether the eligibility of players who are not members of the MCC but were regular players to play in inter-club matches has been resolved. Chris Nixon stated that it had by agreement with Kooyong and those persons were eligible to play. He further stated that it was not an issue with other clubs.


There being no further questions, it was proposed by Scott Brierley and seconded by Nell Eddy that the Chairman’s Report be accepted: Carried unanimously.


2 Treasurer’s Report:

2.1 Linda Willersdorf stated the club remains in a good financial position with total funds as at 31 March 2015 of $34,928 including the term deposit of $29,967.

2.2 Total income is down on last year due to the committee’s decision not to charge membership subscriptions and to subsidize interclub matches.

2.3 Total expenditure for the year was less than last year which reduction was spread over a number of items such as: Directors fees, catering, interclub matched and gifts.

2.4 Looking forward, the amount of the term deposit will decrease to cover the normal increases in costs and the policy of return of equity to members.

2.5 For the six months ended 30 September 2015, the term deposit has been reduced by $5,000


Linda Willersdorf submitted the report for acceptance by the members. Proposed: Elwyne Rist, seconded: Austin Lewis. Carried unanimously.


3 Status of Committee:

As there were no applications for appointment of a new Committee member pursuant to clause 4(e) of the Constitution, it was moved that the Committee remains unchanged as Chris Nixon, Rob Nurse, Angus Graham, Linda Willersdorf, Brian Hassett, Magrett Hardie and Richard Gaylard. Proposed: Chris Nixon, seconded: Virginia Cameron. Carried unanimously.


4 General Business:

4.1 It was proposed by Chris Nixon and seconded by Colin Campbell that Andy Home’s appointment as the Club Auditor is confirmed. This proposal was carried unanimously.


Rosey Lill personally thanked the Committee for their hard work during the year.


There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 12.10 pm


CONFIRMED:                                                                      DATE: