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Bridge Warehouse
Bridge Warehouse

Maurice Freedman (1934-2017)

     It is with deep regret that to announce the passing of Maurice Freedman, who died peacefully on May 3rd, after a protracted illness, surrounded by his family.

    Maurice, an accountant by profession, and in the family business for almost 35 years, was one of those larger than life personalities that, once you met him, you could never forget.  His generosity and dedication to friends and family alike was second to none.  You could always rely on Maurice to do all in his power to help and advise you, especially in matters to do with politics and bridge!

     Maurice’s contribution to bridge in North-West London, Middlesex, and Berks & Bucks was enormous.  Before the computer took over, he could match point and cross check at the speed of light and was rarely found to have made an error.  He was treasurer for the New Amersham Bridge Club for many years and played in their League of Eight with considerable, but not remarkable success.  He became a Life Master over 20 years ago when green points were much harder to come by than now!  He was so proud to have been chosen to represent his country in the very first friendly international between England and Holland.

     For many years he ran a charity bridge club in Golders Green and holidays in Sandbanks, Eilat , Cannes and Italy and had great followings in his ventures.

     His main claim to fame, however, was the bridge club he founded in North-West London, which in its heyday boasted as many as 50 tables every Wednesday and where the cakes and biscuits were always home made by his adoring wife, Sheila!

     Results were announced on a recorded message on the telephone, ending with the famous line ‘and there was one other pair’!

     Maurice never forgot a face or a name and always welcomed every single person to the club.  He will be sadly missed by his many friends and bridge partners.

    He is survived by his wife, Sheila, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Written by Lawrence Gaunt

Bridge as a Sport

Bridge may be a sport after all - European Court



Bridge is not a sport – the Judicial Review

EBU Videos for TDs

New The EBU has created a series of videos featuring Gordon Rainsford to help club Tournament Directors deal with some of the more commonly occurring situations.

There are seven videos in the series: http://www.ebu.co.uk/laws-and-ethics/td-videos 

The revoke
Opening lead out of turn
Unintended call
Insufficient bid
Call out of turn

Please remember that if one of these situations arises, you should, as a player, always call the director, and not try to sort this out yourself.


Alerting & Announcements

EBU Alert and Announcement Rules (2013)


Update your record
Update your record

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Middlesex County Bridge Association Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th June 2018, starting at 18:30, at Totteridge Bridge Club, London N20 8AH

Who represented us?
Who represented us?

Tollemache 2016/17

Tony Waterlow (Captain), Keith Bennett, Jerry Harouni, Peter Hasenson, Richard Hillman, Martin Jones, Steve Root, Neil Rosen, David Sherman, Victor Silverstone

Tollemache 2015/16

Tony Waterlow (Captain), Keith Bennett, Simon Cope, Peter Hasenson, Richard Hillman, Martin Jones, Neil Rosen, Shivam Shah, David Sherman, Victor Silverstone

Tollemache 2014/15

Tony Waterlow (Captain), Simon Cope, Jeremy Dhondy, Jerry Harouni, Thor Erik Hoftaniska, Martin Jones, Waseem Naqvi, Ian Pagan, Tom Paske, Ray Robinson, Neil Rosen, Catherine Seale, Victor Silverstone

Tollemache 2013/14

Tony Waterlow (Captain) & Victor Silverstone, David Burn & Nick Sandqvist, Simon Cope & Shivam Shah, Martin Jones & Neil Rosen, Peter Lester & Ian Panto

Tollemache 2012/13

Jeremy Dhondy (Captain), Nicola Smith, Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Tony Waterlow, Victor Silverstone, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, Anne Rosen, Jerry Harouni, Ray Robinson

Tollemache 2011/12

Jeremy Dhondy(Captain), Nicola Smith, Tony Waterlow, Ian Panto, Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, Nick Sandqvist, Fredrik Bjornlund, Andrew McIntosh, Keith Bennett, Richard Hillman

Tollemache 2010/11

Jeremy Dhondy(Captain), Ian Pagan, Tony Waterlow, Ian Panto, Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Keith Bennett, Richard Hillman, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones

Tollemache 2009/10

Jeremy Dhondy(Captain), Ian Pagan, Tony Waterlow, Victor Silverstone, Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Keith Bennett, Richard Hillman, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones

Tollemache 2008/09

Jeremy Dhondy(Captain), Ian Pagan, Tony Waterlow, Victor Silverstone, Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Keith Bennett, Richard Hillman, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones

Tollemache 2007/08

Jeremy Dhondy(Captain), Keith Bennett, Tony Waterlow, Victor Silverstone, Heather Dhondy, Bill Pencharz, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones

Tollemache 2006/07

Jeremy Dhondy(Captain), Keith Bennett, Tony Waterlow, Victor Silverstone, Heather Dhondy, Bill Pencharz, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones

Tollemache 2005/06

David Bakhshi(Captain), Glyn Liggins, Jeremy Dhondy, Keith Bennett, Heather Dhondy, Bill Pencharz, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones

Home Counties League 2014/15

Middlesex Blue: Vanessa Clarke (Captain), David Arundel, Andrea Blaine, Ian Budden, Nigel Clayton, Janet Cohen, Valerie Durbin, Rosella Emanuel, Irene Fine, Geoff Foley, Judy Haring, Zain Hasan, Vic Martin, Trevor Morris, Lawrence Powell, Saleem Sachak, Frank Wharton

Middlesex Black: Marilyn Malinowska (Captain), Dinah Caplan, Andrew Conway, Jonathan Clark, Rob Corrie, Harvey Fox, Stuart Haring, Azad Husein, Gill Hutchinson, Artur Malinowski, Chris Morren, Tony Mutukisna, Ranjan Panchamia, Satish Panchamia, Shelley Shieff, Charlotte Vine

Home Counties League 2013/14

Middlesex Blue: Vanessa Clarke (Captain), Trevor Morris, Vic Martin, David Arundel, Zain Hasan, Saleem Sachak, Janet Cohen, Valerie Durbin, Geoff Foley,Nigel, Clayton, Irene Fine,Harry Ashar, Judy Haring 

Home Counties League 2012/13

Middlesex Black: Ken Drane (Captain), David Arundul, Janet, de Botton, Ian Budden, Bill Cook, Peter Hasenson, Thor-Erik Hoftaniska, Vic Martin, Ranjan Panchamia, Satish Panchamia, Lawrence Powell, Marta Sikora, Jacek Sikora, John Vos

Home Counties League 2011/12:

Peter Hasenson, Jon Vos Charlotte Vine,Chris Morren., Jacek & Marta Sikora, Gulab Shah, Pradip Shah, Janet de Botton, Thor Erik Hoftaniska,David Arundel, Vic Martin, Martine Rothschild, Norman Agran,Laurence Powell and Ken Drane, Janet Cohen, Barbara Cohen, IreneFine, Nigel Clayton, Vanessa Clarke, Trevor Morris, Brenda & Geoff Foley.

Home Counties League 2010/11:

Jacek & Marta Sikora, Richard Savours & Belinda Bridgen, Martine Rothschild & Norman Agran, Peter Hasenson & Charlotte Vine, Janet Cohen & Barbara Cohen, Brenda & Geoff Foley, Harry Ashar & Greta King, Vanessa Clarke & Trevor Morris



Metropolitan Cup 2015


Metropolitan Cup 2014

A Team: Harold Schogger (Captain), Lyn Fry, Uday Hegde, Allan Lipton, Ian Pagan, Tom Paske, Ben Ritacca, Catherine Seale, Sue Simon, Gill Stock, Lynton Stock, Frank Wharton

B Team: Vanessa Clarke (Captain), David Arundel, Ian Budden, Nigel Clayton, Irene Fine, Steve Foster, Vic Martin, Trevor Morris, Anojan Pothalingam, Lawrence Powell, Saleem Sachak, Suren Velayutham

C Team: Gary Diamond (Captain), Rob Corrie, Kalaiylal Depala, Jeff Hartstone, Azad Husein, Jayanti Patel, Dilip Shah, Hasmukh Shah, Mansukh Shah, Ramesh Hara Shah, Peter Tischler, Ponnampalam Yogeswaran

Metropolitan Cup 2012 A


Neil Rosen (Capt)

Keith Bennett

Anne Rosen

Catherine Seale

Francis Morton

Anthony Golding

Jerry Harouni

Ray Robinson

Steve Capal

Ivor Miller

Ben Ritacca

Nick Simms





Metropolitan Cup 2012 B


Vanessa Clarke (Capt)

Trevor Morris

Anojan Pothalingam

Suren Velayutham

Mike Christie

Giles Ridger

Saleem Sachak

Irene Fine

Derek Blaine

Andrea Blaine

Gill Walker

Rosella Emanuel 

Metropolitan Cup 2012C


Ken Drane (Capt)

Lawrence Powell

Wictor Staniaszek

Gudmunder Audunsson

Gary Diamond

Russell Tenzer

Ratnaverl Murugesu

Azad Mahomed

Satish Panchamia

Ranjan Panchamia

Kiran Patel

Nisha Patel

Dilip Mithani (Capt)

Chandrakant Shah

Naresh S. Shah

Bakul M. Shah

Ron Seymour

John Austin

Lew Gray

Vic Martin

Nitin P. Shah

Paresh B. Shah

Mayuri N. Shah

Sharad C. Shah


Metropolitan Cup 2011 A Team Neil Rosen,Anne Rosen Francis Morton, Anthony Golding, Lyn Fry, Ian Pagan, Victor Silverstone, Lynton Stock, Steve Capal, Ivor Miller Ben Ritacca, Tim Stanley-Clamp

Metropolitan Cup 2011  B Team Janet Cohen, Judy Berzins, Trevor Morris, Vanessa Clarke, Irene Fine, Saleem Sachak, Brenda & Geoff Foley, Gill Stock, Dinah Caplan, David & Susan Moss
Metropolitan Cup 2011 C team GulabShah & Pradip Shah, Naresh Shah & Bakul Shah, Dilip Mithani & Malti Shah, David Arundel & Vic Martin, John Austin & Lawrence Powell, Ken Drane & Ron Seymour

Metropolitan Cup 2011 C team Dipak & Santi Shah, Gary Diamond & Russell Tenzer,Tracy & Jeff Hartstone, Nitin & Paresh Shah, Satish & Ranjan Panchamia, Jayanti Patel & Kanak Depala


Metropolitan Cup 2010  B Team (7th) Janet Cohen & Sonia Griffiths, Paul Walker & Frank Wharton, Steve Walter & Latchmin Tiwarie, Nigel Clayton & Irene Fine, Charlotte Vine & Mike Harvey, Vanessa Clarke & Trevor Morris


Metropolitan Cup 2010 C team (3rd) Gulab R Shah,Pradip R Shah,Nuresh Shah,Bakul Shah Dilip Mithani,Malti Shah,Satish Panchamia,Ranjan Panchamia,

Metropolitan Cup 2010  C Team (8th)Ken Drane,Vic Martin,Ron Seymour,John Austin, M Shah,Nitin Shah,Denise Miller,Sylvie Grant




Representative Match vs RAC May 2012 Richard Hillman, Jeremy Dhondy, Jill Feldman, Andrew Sobell, Jerry Harouni, Ray Robinson, Janet de Botton, Thor Erik Hoftaniska, Victor Silverstone, Tony Waterow, Peter Hasenson, Nick Simms

Representative Match vs Athenaum January 2012: Charlotte Vine, David Hayman, Jacqui & Peter Tobias, Dilip Mithani, Gulab Shah, Gill Hutchinson, Greta King