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Sadly, Geoffrey Breskal passed away on 24th Sept 2018. May he rest in peace. Our condolences to Margaret and his family.

Known to many in the bridge world as the former joint proprietor of St John’s Wood Bridge Club, Geoffrey won the Gold Cup in 1977 & 1983 (and was runner-up four times), Crockford’s Cup in 1974 & 1988, Robert Provost Cup (Spring Foursomes) in 1983 & 1986, Hubert Phillips Cup in 1989, Pachabo Cup in 1975, Eastbourne Bowl 1964 & 1972, Middlesex Cup in 1972, 1975 & 1978, many other tournaments and a great deal of money at the rubber bridge table!

Geoffrey was interviewed in Bridge Plus, August 1998:

Geoffrey and his wife Margaret have two daughters and 3 grandchildren and they live in Barnet. He is a tall, cheerful, good-looking man. He has had a successful career as the owner of a chain of betting shops and for 21 years he has been a director of one of London’s top rubber bridge clubs, St John’s Wood (known as ‘The Wood’). As a player, he has won every top event in England several times over - sometimes playing a simple rubber bridge style with no conventions at all. Highly respected amongst his peers, he has a reputation for being a sensible player with an excellent rapport with his partner at the table.

When did you start the game?
When I was about 13, I used to kibitz my father, who was a good player. During the war I served in the Army, joining the Gordon Highlanders after I left school. I was stationed in the Far East and then moved on to decoding duties at GHQ. After the war, I started playing bridge more seriously and took up tournament bridge. Ernest Senk, a close neighbour, and I played together a bit. When Margaret wanted to learn, Ernest taught her.

I hear that you and Margaret feature as characters in a Frederick Forsythe novel?
We met him on a cruise, and I am told that our characters are woven into a novel (Interviewer’s note: extreme modesty set in here and it was very difficult to find out more)

How did you come to be the proprietor of The Wood?
I had recently sold the betting shops and David Edwin was looking for a partner in the club. We got on very well together, perhaps partly because we never saw each other, as we took it in turns to be at the club. The London rubber bridge world is full of characters and we had a good time running the club. It’s now managed by Unal Durmus and still continues to be successful.

I’ve heard of rubber bridge games that go on and on. Are any particularly memorable?
There was one which started on a Friday night, the same four people playing throughout. By Monday morning two of the players had disappeared. One of the remaining players complained that there was no game for him.

Has anyone ever died at the table?
Yes, a small stake rubber player actually did. David Levitt said to him at the time “you can’t go yet, you’ve got to call last two hands”. Meanwhile, across the room someone yelled out “can’t you keep quiet there”.

Have you ever had to throw people out of the club, other than for reasons to do with bad debts?
There was an Australian fellow, high stake player, who used to break down if anyone bid a slam against him. You could see the tears running down his face. Eventually, I said to him “this game is not for you”.

Richard Sampson, known as Two-Jacks (because of what he claims is his poor card holding) was playing one day when he picked up a bad 27 count. There was a storm brewing outside. The Wood is in the basement of a large building, and suddenly the basement became completely flooded. All the players left, except for Richard. He sat there with his feet immersed in water, gripping his ‘bad’ 27 count. Eventually we persuaded him to leave.

Who were your partners at tournament bridge?
I have played with Joel Tarlo, John Collings, Gus Calderwood and Graham Cooke. Graham and I held the record as challengers in Bridge International’s Bidding Challenge for 13 months on the trot.

And finally, have you ever fallen asleep at the table at a major event?
Who told you that? Yes, its true, we were playing in the Continental Life Tournament in 1981 and the declarer took so long to play a card that I really did fall asleep.

New The EBU has created a series of videos featuring Gordon Rainsford to help club Tournament Directors deal with some of the more commonly occurring situations.

There are seven videos in the series: http://www.ebu.co.uk/laws-and-ethics/td-videos 

The revoke
Opening lead out of turn
Unintended call
Insufficient bid
Call out of turn

Please remember that if one of these situations arises, you should, as a player, always call the director, and not try to sort this out yourself.


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Update your record

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Bridge Teaching
  Azad Husein
Azad Husein

I learnt to play this fascinating card game Rubber/contract Bridge at Golf club in Kamapla (Uganda) in 1985.  American version SAYC and later got into playing Precision. I have not looked back and have made lots of friends whom I would not have met otherwise.

I am Professional Member of EBUTA and qualified Tournament Director. Also have done EBU Bridge Cruse Course and Teach privately/Play and coach-supervised play, gentle duplicate, Direct at various clubs. Committed to improving standard of any level of player.

My Hobbies are spending time with family and loved friends, reading History and now have taken up cooking and playing Golf. Area I cover for Bridge Lessons London and Greater London Counties. Middlesex/ Herts/ Surrey/ Beds/ Essex.

Email: azadhusein@aol.com Mobile: 07951620138.

  Damini Shah
Damini Shah

Damini Shah (full member of EBUTA) taught large groups of 6 tables at her club since 2011. 

Once the membership reached capacity at the club, she is teaching small groups of 4-12 people.  Damini follows the EBU recommended syllabus.

Also runs supervised play sessions with guidance & support, encourages following the etiquette required at club level.

Contact: 020 8930 7857

Email:  daminish54@gmail.com

  Harold Schogger
Harold Schogger

Harold Schogger has been teaching bridge for 40 years.

  • Opened his full time bridge club in Hendon London in 1983
  • Since 1997 he has devoted his time to teaching and directing.
  • He holds the Professional Teachers’ Diploma from the English Bridge Union,  and now  trains teachers for the EBU
  • A member of the International Bridge Press Association.
  • Formerly bridge correspondent of the Jewish Chronicle.
  • Author of Practice Your Rule of 11 and various other articles
  • Accredited EBU and ACBL director
  • Hand of the Month writer on Ok Bridge
  • Premier Life Master
  • Author of  ebook Bridge for Winners
  • Pedagogue - teaching new teachers for the EBU
  • schogger@haroldschogger.com 02089053877
  Lyn Fry
Lyn Fry

Lyn has worked as an EBUTA fully qualified bridge teacher for the last 8 years. She has taught beginners and improvers at Highgate Golf Club and privately.  She is a British International player and has won important national events such as the Corwen Trophy.  She is available for the private teaching of small groups or for playing/teaching sessions at local clubs.

Lyn is also a qualified Tournament director. 

07973 303141

  Pankaj Shah
Pankaj Shah

Pankaj Shah QUALIFIED member of EBUTA

Teaching in NW London.

07813 088538

  Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson

Paul qualified as an EBUTA teacher in July 1980 and received his diploma as a Professional level tutor in July 1988.

Proprietor, Wembley Bridge Club 1986 - 1998.

Paul is also a club tournament director and a long serving member of the Middlesex County Bridge Association Committee - being Vice Chairman from June 2015 to June 2016 and is currently President of the Association.

Private bridge lessons in your own home, either on a one to one basis or small groups. Absolute beginners to advanced level or Improve your card play technique and bidding vocabulary.

Details of Bridge Holidays run by Paul Wilson can be found by clicking on the link below:

Middlesex Website

  Shilpa Lakhani
Shilpa Lakhani

My name is Shilpa Lakhani and I am an EBUTA qualified Teacher who provides Bridge lessons to beginners from Harrow (Middlesex).


This is normally delivered to a group of 4 which enables supervised play with support,  guidance and encouragement to facilitate continuous and tailored learning. I am contactable on 07808735385.

  Tony Staw
Tony Staw

Tony Staw has been teaching bridge since 2005.  He runs lessons for beginners and intermediate students at Pinner Bridge Club and in Northwood.  See www.bridgeclass.co.uk/lessons for details of the latest courses.  He follows the English Bridge Union teaching plan.

He also runs "Gentle Duplicate" sessions on Tuesday evenings at Pinner Bridge Club and Friday afternoons in Northwood.  These are practice sessions, but include a short lesson at the start of each session


  Vandana Wadhar
Vandana Wadhar

I, Vandana Wadhar, qualified as a Bridge teacher in 2014. I have taught a large number of students of all ages from 10 to 89;  from novices to advanced learners and also run supervised sessions.

I teach locally in Edgware, Harrow, Queensbury and Stanmore.

My contact details are: 0208 958 1626
07718 731 398


Active Middlesex based Teachers registered with English Bridge Education and Development:

Name Telephone Email   Teacher Category EBED Trained?
Cathryn Barley 0208 9779443 cjbarley@yahoo.co.uk   Associate Yes
Azad Husein 07951 620138 azadhusein@aol.com   Professional Yes
Shilpa Lakhani shilpalakhani@hotmail.com   Full Yes
Damini Shah 0208 930 7857 daminishah54@gmail.com   Full Yes
Pankaj Shah 0208 930 7857 pankaj.haria@googlemail.com   Full Yes
Howard Sheldon 07989 470025 howardmsheldon@gmail.com   Associate Yes
Tony Staw 020 8868 7205 tonystaw@bridgeclass.co.uk   Associate No
Vandana Wadhar 020 8958 1626 vandana@pchouse.co.uk   Full Yes
Paul Wilson 01923 858383 paulwilson-@talk21.com   Professional Yes
Harold Schogger 020 8905 3877 schogger@haroldschogger.com   Professional Yes
Lyn Fry 07973 303141 lynettefry47@gmail.com   Full Yes


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