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New The EBU has created a series of videos featuring Gordon Rainsford to help club Tournament Directors deal with some of the more commonly occurring situations.

There are seven videos in the series: http://www.ebu.co.uk/laws-and-ethics/td-videos 

The revoke
Opening lead out of turn
Unintended call
Insufficient bid
Call out of turn

Please remember that if one of these situations arises, you should, as a player, always call the director, and not try to sort this out yourself.


Update your record
Update your record

Middlesex is keen to contact members by email. We do this using the EBU database of members records. It maybe that your record is not up to date.

You can check it and amend it by going the the EBU website. Click here.

You will need your EBU number and password. You can obtain a password by clicking the "forgot password" box from the EBU if you don't have it.




The EBU National Grading Scheme is available here

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Contract is 5 Clubs by South.
West leads Spade King.
What is the line of play?


This deal cropped up in a teams match and the auction was the same at both tables, as was the lead: both West players started with the king of spades.

The first declarer ruffed the opening lead, then cashed the ace and king of trumps, followed by the ace and king of hearts. Next he led a heart from hand and ruffed it in dummy. Alas, East overruffed and this declarer still had to lose a diamond and a heart, finishing down one.

The second declarer was a little more circumspect. He counted nine top tricks and, if the hearts were 3-3, eleven tricks would be certain. Accordingly, he turned his mind to what he could do if hearts were 4-2. So, after ruffing the opening lead, declarer cashed the ace of trumps and then played ace, king and another heart. When West followed to the third round of hearts, instead of ruffing, declarer threw a low diamond from dummy.

After winning a surprise heart trick with the seven, West shifted to a diamond. Declarer rose with the ace, returned to hand with a trump and led a fourth round of hearts, on which he discarded dummy’s last diamond. Declarer ruffed the spade continuation then ruffed his remaining diamond in dummy with the ten of trumps. After crossing back to hand with another spade ruff, declarer drew East’s last trump and claimed:he had three hearts, a diamond, a diamond ruff and six trumps for a total of eleven tricks.



Richard Hillman on winning the EBU London Easter Swiss Pairs

Simon Cope on winning the ACBL Silodor Pairs at the Spring North American Bridge Championships

Nevena Senior on winning selection for the England Women's team for the 2018 European Championships in Ostend in June

Waseem Naqvi & Tony Waterlow on winning the EBU Premier Grand Masters Pairs

Andrew Conway & Rob Corrie on winning the EBU Life Masters Pairs

Simon Cope & Tom Paske on winning the EBU National Point-a-Board Teams

Artur Malinowski on winning selection for the England Open team for the 2018 European Championships in Ostend in June


Gill Stock & Peter Hasenson on winning the EBU Year End Mixed Pairs

Shahzaad Natt on winning the EBU Year End Open Pairs

Alexander Allfrey on winning the EBU Premier League

Andrew McIntosh on winning the Eastbourne Bowl at the EBU Autumn Congress

Andrew McIntosh on winning the BGB Gold Cup

Martin Jones & Neil Rosen on winning the BGB Silver Cup

Simon Cope on winning EBU Crockfords Cup

Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith & David Burn (Coach) on winning a silver medal in the Venice Cup at the WBF World Championships in Lyon 

Alexander Allfrey on retaining the Harold Poster Cup at the EBU Summer Congress

David Arundel & Andrew Bannock on winning the London July Swiss Pairs

Paul Walker & Frank Wharton on winning the Championship Pairs at the EBU Summer Seniors Congress

Artur Malinowski on finishing in 12th place in the Open Pairs Final at the European Open Championships. Alexander Allfrey finished in 31st place and Shireen Mohandes & Andy Bowles finished in 37th place. David Sherman won a silver medal in the EBL Cup.

Alexander Allfrey on winning the EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes and to Gerald Haase & Victor Silverstone on winning the Punchbowl

Artur Malinowski & Marilyn Malinowska and TGRs Bridge Club on winning the EBU NICKO

Martin Jones on winning the Harrogate Spring Congress Swiss Pairs

Andrew McIntosh on winning the EBU Point-a-Board Consolation Teams

Dorset Cup Postponed




MCBA Officers and Committee 2017/18

President: Paul Wilson

Vice Presidents: Jill Feldman & Gulab Shah


Chairman: Peter Hasenson 

Vice Chairman: Harish Patel

Treasurer: Pradip Shah 

Secretary: Debra Kleinman

Committee: Irene Fine, Dilip Mithani,

Harold Schogger, Lewis Selby,

Pankaj Shah, Victor Silverstone,

Jacqui Tobias, Tony Waterlow


EBU Shareholders

Peter Hasenson, Harish Patel

MCBA Roll of Honour 2016/17

Middlesex Cup

Victor Silverstone (Capt.), Gerald Haase, Jerry Harouni, Waseem Naqvi, Ian Panto, Tony Waterlow

Championship Pairs

Catherine Seale, Nick Simms

Mixed Pairs

Ranjan Panchamia, Suren Velayutham

Ladies Pairs

Vanessa Clarke, Jacqui Tobias

Senior Pairs

Susan Moss, David Moss

Dorset Cup

Russell Tenzer (Capt.), Gary Diamond, Jeff Hartstone, Murray Leader

'No Fear' Gentle Pairs

Ben Lewis, Senthur Shanmurgorasa

Committee Cup

Peter Hasenson (Capt.), Ben Ritacca, Harold Schogger, Frank Wharton

Club Teams of 8

Pinner Bridge Club

League Division One

Jill Feldman (Capt.), Neil Rosen, Anne Rosen, Keith Bennett, Richard Hillman, Simon Cope 

League Division Two

Heather Tan (Capt.), Nicole Cook, Ray Clarke, Matthew Tan

League Division Three

David Landes (Capt.), Dennis Backer, Denice Golend, Jeff Harris, Stuart Leigh, Russell Spiro

Congress Swiss Pairs

Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne

Congress Swiss Teams

Jeffrey Allerton, Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Phillip Wood

Middlesex Plate

Azad Hussein, Harry Asher, Anojan Pothalingham, Suren Velayutham

MCBA Roll of Honour 2017/18

Middlesex Cup


Middlesex Plate


22nd April 2018 - Championship Pairs

Steve Capal & Andrew Sobell

8th April 2018 - Mixed Pairs Final

Kiku Lester & Ponnampalam Yogeswaran

29th April 2018 - Ladies Pairs and Gents Pairs

GENTS:  Suren Velayutham & Satish Panchamia
LADIES:  Mary Hayes & Jane Troughton

12th November 2017 - Seniors' Pairs

Denise Miller & Daniel Roth

Dorset Cup


'No Fear' Gentle Pairs


Committee Cup


28th January 2018 - Club Teams of 8

Pinner A:
Malcolm Todd & Anthony Mutukisna
Irene Fine & Saleem Sachak
Trevor Morris & Vanessa Clarke
Ed Brennan & John Marr

League Division One


League Division Two


League Division Three


25th November 2017 - Congress Swiss Pairs

Frances Hinden & Graham Osborne

26th November 2017 - Congress Swiss Teams

Ian Pagan & Catherine Seale  AND  Alan Kay & David Walker

No Fear Gentle Duplicate - rescheduled
Director: Tony Staw
Ladies Pairs and Gents Pairs
Director: Gary Conrad
Championship Pairs Final
Director: Richard Banbury
Mixed Pairs Final
Director: Richard Banbury
No Fear Gentle Duplicate - postponed to May 6th
Director: Tony Staw
Championship Pairs Qualifier 1
Director: Gary Conrad
Mixed Pairs Qualifier 2
Director: Gary Conrad Satish
Championship Pairs Qualifier 2
Director: Gary Conrad
Club Teams of Eight
Director: Richard Banbury
Mixed Pairs Qualifier 1
Director: Richard Banbury
6th Jun 2018
Committee Cup
Totteridge BC 19:45
Director: Gary Conrad
 Click for more information
30th Sep 2018
Dorset Cup
Pinner Bridge Club 12:00
Director: Gary Conrad
 Click for more information
24th Nov 2018
Middlesex Congress Swiss Pairs
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
25th Nov 2018
Middlesex Congress Swiss Teams
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
23rd Nov 2019
Middlesex Congress Swiss Pairs
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
24th Nov 2019
Middlesex Congress Swiss Teams
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet