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Middlesex County Bridge Association 

Annual General Meeting

Monday, 2nd June 2014,

starting at 18:45

Followed by the Committee Cup

All our Members are invited to attend - complimentary refreshments

The venue is Oshwal BC, Northwood 



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Update your record
Update your record

Middlesex is keen to contact members by email. We do this using the EBU database of members records. It maybe that your record is not up to date.

You can check it and amend it by going the the EBU website. Click here.

You will need your EBU number and password. You can obtain a password by clicking the "forgot password" box from the EBU if you don't have it.

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Middlesex Tollemache Cup Trial 2014
Tollemache Trials 2014

Middlesex will be holding a Trial on Sunday 5th October 2014 at Pinner Bridge Club.

The Trial will start at 11:00 and finish around 20:00, with up to 63 boards in play.

The winning Pair will be guaranteed a place in the 2014 Middlesex Tollemache team.

The EBU Tollemache Cup qualifier takes place on 22nd & 23rd November 2014 in Birmingham.

Click here for further details

Last updated : 21st Jul 2014 13:55 BST
AGM 2014 - Elections & Committee Cup

Congratulations to Peter Hasenson, Harold Schogger, Stefan Skorchev & John Vos

Winners 2014 Middlesex Committee Cup

1st: Peter Hasenson, Harold Schogger, Stefan Skorchev & John Vos (+59 IMP)

2nd: David Landes, Jeff Harris, Stuart Leigh & Russell Spiro (+37 IMP)

3rd: Uday Hegde, Gary Jones, Richard Hillman & Richard Bowdery (+29 IMP)


Election results held at MCBA AGM on 2nd June:

Chairman: Richard Hillman; Vice Chairman:   Peter Hasenson; Treasurer: Satish Panchamia; Secretary: Harish Patel

Committee: Rob Corrie, Marilyn Malinowska, Dilip Mithani, Madhushin Rawji, Harold Schogger, Gulab Shah, Pankaj Shah, Pradip Shah, Tony Waterlow, Paul Wilson

ShareholdersPeter Hasenson, Richard Hillman, Satish Panchamia

Last updated : 6th Jun 2014 19:45 BST
Victor Ludorum Update

Congratulations to Neil Rosen

Winner 2014 Middlesex Victor Ludorum

Jill Feldman finished second with Ian Pagan third and Anne Rosen fourth.

Neil wins the Rhoda Lederer Trophy

click here for the latest Victor Ludorum standings.
Last updated : 6th Jun 2014 20:36 BST

Congratulations to the Hegde team, winners of Division 1 and the Peter Edelman trophy

The results for 2013-4 are as follows:

Division 1:  Captain Uday Hegde - team: Jerry Harouni, Ray Robinson, Steve Root, Gary Jones, Richard Bowdery.
Division 2: Captain Catherine Seale - team: Ian Pagan, Nick Simms, Andrew Sobell, Jon Vos, Tom Paske.
Division 3: Captain Stuart Haring - team: Jonathan Clark, Kripa Panchagnula, Dylan Dissanayake.
Last updated : 19th May 2014 10:41 BST
Middlesex Cup
Middlesex Cup 
Congratulations to team Naqvi 
(Waseem Naqvi, Jerry Harouni, Yaniv Vax, Lee Rosenthal, Thor Erik Hoftaniska*, Dror Padon*)
who beat team Rosen
(Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, Jeremy Dhondy, Simon Cope, Anne Rosen*, Nevena Senior*)
by 4 IMP in the final.
* Did not play in the final.
Last updated : 11th May 2014 23:33 BST

Andrew McIntosh on winning the EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes

Anthony Golding on being appointed to the EBU Board of Directors

Alexander Allfrey, Nevena & Brian Senior on winning the Camrose

Alexander Allfrey on winning the BGB Gold Cup

Nevena Senior on winning the EBU Grand Masters Pairs

Anne & Neil Rosen, Catherine Seale and Simon Cope on winning the EBU National Inter-Club Knockout (NICKO)

Peter Hasenson and David Sherman on winning the EBU National Online Knockout

Waseem Naqvi, Thor-Erik Hoftaniska, Janet de Botton and Artur Malinowski on winning the EBU National Swiss Teams

Jeremy Dhondy on winning the EBU National Point-a-Board Teams

Jerry Harouni and Ray Robinson on winning the EBU Silver Plate

Waseem Naqvi on winning the EBU Year End Swiss Pairs

Jeremy Dhondy on becoming Chairman of the EBU

Last updated : 8th May 2014 19:41 BST
Mixed Pairs Final

Congratulations to Gill & Lynton Stock 

Winners 2014 Middlesex Mixed Pairs

1st Gill & Lynton Stock 59.87%

2nd Catherine Seale & Ian Pagan 56.55%

3rd Jill Feldman & Neil Rosen 55.16%

Championship Pairs Final
Championship Pairs Final

Congratulations to Gill Stock & Steve Root 

Winners 2014 Middlesex Championship Pairs

1st Gill Stock & Steve Root 61.79%

2nd Lyn Fry & Ian Pagan 60.66%

3rd Anne Rosen & Jeremy Dhondy 60.38%

Middlesex Archive
Middlesex Archive
There is a new menu route "The Archive" Details of Middlesex proud record and past will be found there. All suggestions for additions or, if appropriate, corrections will be welcome.
The Middlesex Web Gallery will be found here
Contact Pankaj Shah, MCBA Webmaster @ webmaster 



The EBU National Grading Scheme is live. You can see it here

You can check on forthcoming EBU tournaments here





2nd Jun 2014
Committee Cup
Director: Gary Conrad Giles Ridger
18th May 2014
Championship Pairs Final
Director: Gary Conrad
11th May 2014
Mixed Pairs Final
Director: Gary Conrad
30th Apr 2014
Championship Pairs Semi-Final
Director: Gary Conrad
2nd Apr 2014
Mixed Pairs Semi-Final
Director: Gary Conrad
30th Mar 2014
Club Team of 8
16th Feb 2014
Ladies Pairs
Director: Peter Grice
24th Nov 2013
Seniors Pairs
Director: Gary Conrad
17th Nov 2013
Middlesex Congress Swiss Teams
Director: John Pyner, GC, ML, MP
16th Nov 2013
Middlesex Congress Swiss Pairs
Director: John Pyner, GC, MP, ML
29th Nov 2014
Middlesex Congress Swiss Pairs
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
30th Nov 2014
Middlesex Congress Swiss Teams
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
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