Two Division MBBC League

For a Trial Period, the Monday % competitions will  run for 6 weeks rather than 12.


The 1st 6 week Competition which started 21/9/2015 consisted of 1 league table into which the Monday % scores were automatically accumulated.. Your standing in this Competition can be found via the Menu Item ´Club Competitions´, sub-menu ´1st / 2nd Division Qualifiers´. 


Once  the final results for 26/10/2015) are loaded, the top ´n´ players will be put in Division 1, the rest in Division 2 (and maybe 3) depending on how many we put in each Division (the Members Details on Bridgewebs will be used to indicate which division a person is initially allocated to for the next 6 week period).


The Monday sessions from 2/11/2015 onwards will continue to operate as normal (everyone playing together, with a single set of results on the day), but in addition the Monday % scores will also show up in the  League Table to which you were initially allocated. 


Each weeks´ League positions will then show up under ´Competitions´ in the Main Menu (Division 1 & Division 2 sub- menus).   A ´season´ will last for 6 weeks. 


At the end of each ´season´, promotion & relegation will apply (maybe 4 up, 4 down), & the Bridgewebs indicators will be updated accordingly to reflect those changes ready for the next season.  We could have a cup that is passed on for each league winner.


All this should introduce a bit more variety (& spice) & encourage the less experienced members to better match themselves against their peers.


Remember, play on Mondays won´t be split into 2 groups; it´s only the results on the day that will show up in the different divisions in addition to the standard ´Results´


New (or infrequent) players start or revert to the lowest league.


We could tie the end of each 6 week period in with a social lunch the following week, with the cups being handed over. Maybe a free lunch for the winners?


Note:  As we are experimenting with this 2 / 3 division idea, it may be necessary to adjust the way it operates as we go along