Mazarron Bay Bridge Club (MBBC)
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Results 11/12/2017

1 Small Slam by David & Frances.  ´70% & Slam Club History´ updated.

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Results 11/12/2017
15th Dec 2017 15:35 WET
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Member benefits & access


Annual Membership of the Club covers a calendar year (i.e. Jan 1 to Dec 31).  By joining, it´s only 1€ each time you play.  The charge for non-Members is 2€ each session, so if you play more than 4 times a year it is worth joining (you can play Mondays &/or Thursdays).

Membership gives you access to ´Secure Areas´ on this website, where the latest Account Information,  Contact Details, ´Find a Partner´ requests & other sensitive information is held.

Your Name & email address are registered in a ´Members List´.  It is up to you whether you want your phone number(s) added to make it easier for other Members to contact you.  All personal information is held  securely where no-one else outside the club can access it. 


Accessing ´Secure Areas´

To access a secure area you need your Email address & a Password supplied by the Club. 

When accessing a Secure Area  for the first time, click on the relevant Menu Option (for example ´Club Accounts - Secure´), enter your email address when prompted and click on ´Forgotten Password´ & follow the Instructions given.

If you forget your password at any time, simply repeat the process.