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19th Sep 2018 15:50 BST
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Local Rules
  • Start time will be 7.30 sharp – please arrive at 7.25 and fill up tables starting at table 1
  • Where there are 15 or more tables it may be necessary to introduce a 2 section competition
  • The Bridge season will commence on the first Tuesday in September
  • Annual subscriptions are due by the end of September
  • Mobiles must be silenced during play with the exception of doctors on call
  • Application forms for new members are available from the secretary
  • Please be courteous to your partner and your opponents
  • Noise level must be lowered – hands may be discussed quietly when all boards are completed

The use of the bidding boxes is covered in this list from the EBU site.

  • Members may bring/play with a guest (non-member) on not more than 2 occasions during the season – having first established with the matchmaker that no member is seeking a partner
  • Non-member pairs may play as visitors on not more than 2 occasions during the season
  • Both of the above would be on non-competition evenings and ideally a member of the committee would have been consulted beforehand
  Opening Hands
  • In the interests of enjoying social bridge, the committee are requesting that the first set of hands dealt on the evening are considered fairly regular opening hands
  • However it is requested that for opening the newly dealt hand there be a minimum of 12 points or where there are 10/11 points and a long suit, the points are in the long suit
  • Handicap appeals may be made to the committee whose decision shall be final
  • All conventions must be alerted
  • Each Pass must be displayed separately
  • Each bid must be displayed in sequence
  • All bidding cards should remain on the table until the opening lead is made
  • Tournament Director should be called for any infringement or irregularity during play
  Slow Play
  • Players should move to next table immediately at the request of the Tournament Director
  • Constant slow play may result in a 5% penalty on the score for the offending pair
  Tea / Coffee
  • Tea/Coffee are available at 50c and biscuits at 50c
  • Please wash up and put your cup and saucer away
  Prize Nights
  • Eligibility for Prize Competitions:
    • 60% of overall attendance – this will be waived in the case of absence through a protracted period of ill health. This rule does not apply to competitions between the start of the season and the end of October
    • Only paid up members are eligible
    • Eligibility list to be made available prior to all competitions
  • Captain’s and Christmas prizes will be based over 2 nights
  • As Christmas and the Captain’s prize nights are pairs competitions over 2 nights, double money will be collected on the first night
  Player of the Year
  • Player of the Year – Grace Bruton Trophy
  • This will be based on 2/3 of the total nights of which 2 results must be for “Draw for Partners” nights