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Maynooth Bridge Club Constitution
Maynooth Bridge Club Constitution




Maynooth Bridge Club



  Name:      The name of the club shall be Maynooth Bridge Club

Founders:           Elizabeth Coughlan

Kay Lynch

Denis Lynch


(a) To promote the game of Bridge in the Maynooth area

(b) To affiliate to the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland

(c) To organise Bridge sessions at a suitable venue and to organise Prize Nights and Social events

(d) To play Bridge in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere at all times.


The affairs of the Club shall be run by a General Committee consisting of: Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer (Executive Committee) and three other members. The Captain shall act as Chairperson at all Committee and Executive Committee meetings. In his or her absence the chair shall be assumed by the Secretary or Treasurer.


The venue shall (with the approval of the owners) be Acol House Bridge Centre, The Square, Maynooth. Any change in venue shall require the simple majority approval of the member at an AGM or EGM.


Applications for membership will require to be proposed and seconded by two Club members and require the Committee’s approval.

The General Committee will have the authority to limit membership numbers

Membership of the Club is conditional on acceptance of the Club rules.

Any member whose subscription remains unpaid one month after the due date shall cease to be a member of The Club.


The assets of the Club shall be vested in the Executive Committee and the Club funds shall only be used for the promotion of Bridge. 

Tenure of Office:

The tenure of office shall be one year.


The General and Executive Committees shall hold such meetings as are necessary to run the affairs of the Club.

At the AGM the Committee shall resign and elections will be held for the positions of Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and one Committee member. Each position will be filled by secret ballot and/or the members have the option to elect the General Committee without reference to the individual office. In the latter event the Executive Committee shall elect the Executive Committee from their ranks within one week and the results be posted on the notice board. 

Members of the outgoing General Committee shall be eligible for re-election.

Nominations for Committee shall be submitted to the Secretary at least 24 days before the AGM, with the names of their proposers and seconders.

Motions for AGM must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least seven days before the AGM.

Nominations for Committee and Motions for discussion will, where possible, be posted on the Club notice board.

Reports from the out-going Officers will be included at every AGM.


Minimum notice of AGM or EGM shall be 21 and 7 days, respectively.


Any motion calling for a change in the Constitution shall require a majority of ¾ of the members at AGM or EGM 

Any motion calling for a change in the Club’s rules shall require a majority of 2/3 of the members at an AGM or EGM.


At AGM or EGM a quorum shall consist of at least 2/3 of the total membership. In the event that a quorum is not reached at AGM or EGM, the meeting shall be abandoned and reconvened one week later at the same time and venue, where possible, and those present shall constitute a quorum.

A quorum at General Committee meetings shall be at least three members.


EGMs may be called by:

(a)   1/3 of the total membership  - or

(b)   The General Committee


Any member who wilfully takes any action or makes any statement which brings the Club into disrepute, threatens its existence, or fails to observe the Constitution and Rules of the Club, shall be subject to discipline. The disciplinary action may take the form of suspension or expulsion, at the discretion of the General Committee.

The member involved will be given every opportunity to explain the alleged misconduct.

Any member of the General Committee or Executive Committee who is absent from three consecutive meetings, without reasonable explanation, shall be deemed to have resigned, and shall be so informed in writing.


If, for any reason, a vacancy occurs on the General Committee, the General Committee members shall have the power to co-opt a replacement. If a second vacancy arises during the same Bridge year, a further co-option will require the approval of the members at an EGM.


Only paid-up member may vote in elections, take office or attend Committee meetings.