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Notice re Bridge Classes

After an eight year run, we have decided to cancel the Bridge Lab classes at the Bay School. It has been a lot of fun, but as they say, all good things.....

However, classes at the Gloucester Library will continue and are going well.  Beginner classes are on the third Thursday, 1 p.m., and intermediate classes on the fourth Thursday, also 1 p.m. Contact Tom for more details, or if you want to be on (or off) the email lists.


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Also Please Note: The data shown represent the combined results for participation in our Gwynn's Island and Woman's Club games. We invite and encourage you to play in both of these open, fully-sanctioned games.
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A Fine Game...

...on the island, this September 13th. The five-table Howell was won (as it often is) by Arden and Shirley. You can click on the Results, above or below.


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