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Bridge Classes

After an eight year run, we have decided to cancel the Bridge Lab classes at the Bay School. It has been a lot of fun, but as they say, all good things.....

However, classes at the Gloucester Library will continue and are going strong . Beginner classes are on the third Thursday, 1 p.m., and intermediate level classes are on the fourth Thursday, also 1 p.m.

The October classes will be the last in 2018, but we have already made plans to continue in 2019, starting January, same schedule.

Contact Tom ( for more details, or if you want to be on (or off) the email lists.


Contact Information

For the Gwynn's Island Game, contact Tom Doyle ( or Betsy Paul (804-338-6664). For the Woman's Club Game, contact Jera Gamble (804-725-2532) or email Tom. Anything else, get in touch with Tom.

Welcome to Mathews Duplicate Bridge Club

Welcome to the website of the Mathews Duplicate Bridge Club. Our club is part of ACBL's Unit 110, and was the first ACBL-sanctioned club in Virginia's Middle Peninsula. Mathews County is a beautiful, rural, water-surrounded getaway, justly known as the "Pearl of the Chesapeake." We are an hour-plus away from most of the other Unit 110 clubs in Williamsburg, Newport News and elsewhere. Those of you in Gloucester, or in Unit 109's Northern Neck, are closer. See the Directions below. Tom Doyle is Manager and Director, and Betsy Paul is Assistant Manager of the club; Jera Gamble is Manager of the Woman's Club Game.  Tom also serves as Webmaster of this site.

We currently offer two regular games, each with its own schedule, location and unique features:


St. Paddy's Day on the Island
One of our two long-running events is the Gwynn's Island Game, now held on the second and fourth Wednesday afternoons of each month at the Gwynn's Island Civic Center (see the Calendar for specific dates). Duplicate bridge had been played there for years on an unsanctioned basis, then in 2010 we joined Unit 110 of District 6 of the American Contract Bridge League, and now award ACBL masterpoints. However, you do not have to be an ACBL member to play with us. We invite anyone and everyone to join us at our friendly game in this beautiful island location, just a short drive from the mainland across a small bridge, past historic Hill's Bay, to an old church building.  But don't be fooled! Inside we run a modern game, complete with wireless scoring and instant results at the end of the session. We also use pre-dealt hands, created randomly on the club's dealing machine; players have access to complete hand records and computer analyses of makable contracts at the end of each game. Many if not all of the island games are run as special events, awarding extra masterpoints.

St. Paddy's Day on the IslandAnother Mathews tradition is the Woman's Club Game, held on the first and third Tuesday mornings of each month. Jera Gamble has been the long-time Manager of this event, and remains in that role now that the game is sanctioned by ACBL and awards masterpoints (provided a Certified Director is present). Tom usually handles the wireless scoring, and prepares the pre-dealt hands. This event has a special local flavor, including the annual holiday potluck party, and friendly competition for return of part of the entry fee to the top three finishing pairs. 
All of our games are open to everyone.  You do not have to be an ACBL member to play, and we also welcome and encourage players who are inexperienced with duplicate play. If you need a partner, get in touch with us and we will do our best to find someone for you (contact info on left).
In addition to our regular games, we also sponsor special events and activities. In particular, we participate in the District 6 Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC) program, and we offer Bridge Lessons at the Gloucester Library at both beginner and intermediate levels. Contact Tom for further information, or to arrange for other bridge activities. You could hold an ACBL-sanctioned event in your home!

Whether you come once or often, you are sure to have a unique and enjoyable experience playing at the Mathews Duplicate Bridge Club!


Driving Directions to Our Playing Sites

To Gwynn's Island



Take the Coleman Bridge across the York River, follow Rt.17 for 12 miles, take a right onto Rt. 17-BR, then shortly another right onto Rt.14/3 (becomes Rt.14 only). Follow this towards Mathews, 14 miles, to a left on Buckley Hall Rd. (Rt. 198).  Shortly take a right at the 7-11 store onto Cricket Hill Rd. (Rt. 223), continue for 2 miles, then cross a small bridge onto Gwynn’s Island.  Follow Old Ferry Rd. (Rt. 633), past a cemetery, to where it makes a sharp right. Take this turn to the Civic Center, which is on the right across from a church. A detailed map of the island is below the larger map. (About 30 miles, 45 minutes, from the Coleman Bridge.)

   From Middlesex:  Take Rt. 3 across the Piankatank River. Turn left at the Rt. 198 intersection, towards Mathews. Turn left at the 7-11 store onto Cricket Hill Rd. (Rt. 223), and follow the directions above.

To the Woman's Club

   From Yorktown:  Follow Rt. 14 as above towards Mathews, but after about 13 miles turn right on Church St. (Rt. 611 - a small sign says "To Mathews Historical District"). Continue about two miles to the Mathews Courthouse area. Turn right on Route 14 and continue about a mile and a half to the clubhouse on the left.

   From Middlesex:  Stay on Rt. 198 towards Mathews, past the 7-11, and past the (first) Rt. 14 intersection.  Continue about two miles to a stop sign at the (second) Rt. 14 intersection. Turn right on Rt. 14, and continue through Mathews Courthouse and beyond for about two miles to the clubhouse on the left. 

Driving Directions to Our Playing Sites
Gwynn's Island
Gwynn's Island
Another Fine Game...

... on the island, this April 24th. Betty Faye and Thad ran away with the five table Howell. Click on the Results, above or below. 

Gwynn's Island Game
Gwynn's Island Game
Gwynn's Island Game
Gwynn's Island Game
Gwynn's Island Game