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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Minutes Of Committee Meetings



PRESENT.  Roger Pringle, Di Ford, George Normand, Ian Christison and Val Ruddock.

APOLOGIES.    Ann Roberts and Ian Lauder.


MATTERS ARISING.      1. The new David Stevenson book has been purchased.                                                

2. The Bridgemates have been out of stock and are still to be purchased. They will be available at the end of February.  A set of 4 bidding boxes will be ordered in March.                                                                                                                                                                              

3. VR contacted the LCBA who discussed our request at their meeting in December. They feel that training is best done by the EBU but did ask Steve Wright to contact us. He has done so and offered a question and answer session. VR also contacted Richard Banbury at the EBU .Apart from the training days, the EBU is able to offer ½ day courses as refreshers or on specific subjects. It is also possible to be put in contact with a trainer to design our own course (possibly join up with another club?)  . After some discussion it was decided that, initially, the TDs should meet and review the information and help available on the EBU website. VR to contact Steve Wright and the LCBA.                                                                                           

4. The insurance was renewed with Fidentia. With the recent purchase of new equipment the level of insurance cover needs to increased to £7,000 from £6,000. (VR)                                                                                                                                                            

5. RP has registered the club for the SimPairs on 12th March and has everything ready for the event. The club will subsidise the members’ entry fee. Members will pay £3 table money and visitors £5.                                                                                                                                                       

6. The website has been improved. Further items will be added once the new Data Protection Regulations come into force.                                                                                                                                                   

7.  The Angel has no objections to a plaque similar to those already by the front door.  IC has a proposed design for a plaque, all are in favour. It will have to be shown to The Angel and MH Civic Society for approval. ( IC , VR)

TREASURER’S REPORT.   This year the club has maintained its financial position but has not made a surplus on the table money as in the past.  It was decided that provision must be made to increase the club reserves in order to able to replace equipment as necessary.    A proposal to increase the table money to £3 for members and £4 for visitors will be put to members at the AGM.  The annual subscription will remain the same  at £10.

DATE AND TIME OF AGM This will take place on Monday 30th April at 7p.m.. All members of the committee present are prepared to stand for re-election. AR and IL to be asked if they wish to stand.                                                                           

MOTIONS FOR THE AGM.    1. The Committee proposes that table money is increased to £3 for members and £4 for visitors . The Committee is mindful of the need to ensure that  MHBC has the reserves to replace equipment when necessary in the future  and feel this is the best way to achieve this. The annual subscription will remain at £10 .   

        2.  The Committee proposes that the following amendment is made to the Club Constitution. Section 2 para 3 at present reads “ The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and two other Committee members”. This will be changed to read “ The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and up to four other Committee Members”.

DATA PROTECTION. On May 25th this year new tighter Regulations regarding data protection come into force. The EBU has advised clubs of this and has much useful information on the website. VR is working through this. Committee members will need to meet again to agree on such things as the Privacy Statement.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING  Tuesday 2nd May at 2p.m. at The Angel Hotel.

The meeting closed at 3.25p.m.


                                                                                                      MARKET HARBOROUGH BRIDGE CLUB


PRESENT    Roger Pringle, George Normand, Di Ford, Ian Lauder, Ann Roberts and Val Ruddock


MINUTES OF LAST  MEETING     Agreed and signed .

MATTERS ARISING     Although there have been some comments regarding the arrow switch on the last round this will continue to be used and members continue to sit N/S or E/W as they wish.

AGM, SHOULD MOTIONS BE PUBLISHED BEFORE THE AGM ?     It was agreed that motions to be discussed and nominations for Officers and Committee members should be published. Members will in future be asked to ensure motions and nominations are with the Secretary two weeks before the AGM. These will then be published one week before the meeting.

EBU  AFFILIATION    The initial application has been made, The Club EBU number is 00207653. The list of members details is almost complete, hopefully will be sent to the EBU in the next week. Four Committee members are able to access this list namely  Roger ,Di ,Ian and Val as scorers and administrator.  When the Insurance and Scorebridge fee are due for renewal  the EBU options will be considered.

CO-OPTION OF IAN CHRISTISON ONTO THE COMMITTEE.  It was agreed to invite Ian to join the Committee. He will be given voting rights. Val to speak to him.

A.O.B.     1. Some subscriptions are still unpaid. After discussion it was agreed that no time limit would be put in place and each case treated individually.

                 2. There were 3 visitors yesterday evening and it was agreed that having five weeks in which to assess visitors is an improvement.

                 3. Jean Pringle Competition. The winners this year are David Wenlock and Colin Sanderson. The method of calculating handicaps will remain the same apart from discounting the highest and the lowest scores.

                 4. There are a number of members without a regular partner. It was agreed that the present system ,in which members looking for a partner will be informed of who is available, will be maintained. Ann will continue to be the person to contact when looking for a partner.

TIME AND DATE OF NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING   Tuesday 17th October at 2p.m. at The Angel.

The meeting closed at 3.25p.m.    




PRESENT.     Roger Pringle, George Normand, Ian Lauder, Ann Roberts, Di ford, Val Ruddock and Ian Christison.


MINUTES OF LAST MEETING.     Agreed and signed.

MATTERS ARISING.     Affiliation to the EBU is now complete. All subscriptions have now been paid.

TREASURER’S INTERIM REPORT.     See attached sheet. The table money is almost covering the cost of room hire and PTP. The income from subscriptions is in excess of other anticipated expenditure.

REVISED LAWS AND EBU UPDATED BLUE BOOK AND WHITE BOOK.    The Club has purchased a new law book but the Blue Book of permitted understandings was out of print but can be downloaded onto the club computer. The White Book is used at tournament level. The David Stevenson simplified book will be available at the end of November , when it will be purchased. This should assist in the interpretation of the more complex law changes.

BRIDGEMATES,BOARDS AND OTHER BRIDGE EQUIPMENT.   It was agreed to purchase 2 Bridgemates, 2 sets of boards with more cards if necessary ,2 tables with cloths and more bidding boxes should they be required. This would give the Club 14 sets of equipment, allowing for breakages and a larger membership.  

DIRECTORS COURSES.    It was agreed that all directors should attend training. The cost is £54 per day (3 day course) per member attending. The Club cannot afford this expense for 6 directors. Little information about these courses is available at present. VR will approach the LCBA to see if they can be of help, possibly by providing a seminar.

ARROW SWITCH.    It was agreed to leave things as they are. The Club would not insist that East always became North on the switch.

CLUB INSURANCE.    Fidentia’s quote for renewal is lower than that of the EBU insurer. The insurance will be renewed with Fidentia. We may need to increase the sum insured at a later date.

CHRISTMAS.    A drink and mince pie will be offered to members with a break in the bridge for this. Preferred date 18th December assuming we shall have our usual room. Failing that 11th December.

SIMULTANEOUS PAIRS.   The Club will take part in the spring event. VR to make enquiries re dates ,charity which benefits and details of how to organise. To be advertised to members.

A.O.B.     1. The website needs some updating. RP .

                 2. Enquiries to be made at The Angel to see if they will allow the Bridge Club to put up a plaque at the front door such as The Rotary Club have. VR.

                 3. AR will check that details in library are up to date. There a number of incorrect, out of date entries on Google which need attention.

                 4. Slow play. There are a number of players who are regularly holding up the room. Players to be encouraged to save time by the following :-a)  claiming if they are confident they have  all the remaining tricks .         b) if North, and on lead, leading before entering contract on the Bridgemate  or onto their scorecard if they use one. VR to send out e-mail to this effect  Penalties for slow players could be considered.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING   Tuesday 20th February 2018 at 2p.m. at The Angel.



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