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7:00 (or earlier) Game Time

6:45 registration deadline

(Some Saturday games as advised)

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Saturday Game

Saturday games

Note the Time change to 12:30 PM at the CanAm

You should be there by 12:15, please.

Intermediate/Advanced Bridge Lessons


by Joe Potter

Two over One Game Force

Saturday, February 17. 9:00 AM at the CanAm


Cue Bidding and New Minor Forcing

Saturday, February 24. 9:00 AM at the CanAm

Alerts and Announcements Explained

ALERTS (bids are in red on the convention card)
Alerts are meant to inform the OPPONENTS that a bid’s meaning, by your partner, is not what would customarily be assumed. Who says ALERT? The person making the alert knows what he means by the bid, so the partner must inform the opponents by only saying ALERT. DO NOT volunteer information unless asked. I repeat, only when the opponent at their turn asks, do you explain.

How do I ask about an alert? Explain please, what is your agreement?

ANNOUNCEMENTS (bids are in blue on the convention card)
Announcements are also informing the opponents about your partners’ bid.

We must announce our NT range (15-17, 12-14, 16-18 etc), When partner makes a transfer bid, we announce it. When you play 1NT forcing/semi-forcing,  you announce it. When partner opens  1C and does not promise at least 3 clubs, you announce that it could be short as ? .

MLGCC Bidding System (Non-Competetive Placemat)
MLGCC Bidding System (Competitive Placemat))
Bridge Scoring Information

Here are a some tables on Bridge Scoring.


User guide for BridgePad scoring.