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Develop Your Defence - Third hand play


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Short, two-session courses on: transfers, strong 2 openings and responses, slam bidding.


This is a play session where the hands are prepared for you to practise a particular bit of bidding.  For example, strong NT openings and responses, responding with a major suit fit, stayman, opener's reverse, responder's second bid, etc.  Let me know if this appeals to you.

Welcome to Mansfield School of Bridge
Currently running: Develop Your Defence

The EBU's "Develop Your Defence" 10-week course

On Tuesdays 7.15pm for 7.30pm start - 9.30/9.45pm

At Mansfield Bridge and Snooker Club

Stuart Avenue, ForestTown, NG19 0AB

STARTS 13TH FEBRUARY, ENDS 1ST MAY     £50 per person



12th January: Sorry, the course is now full.  Let me know if you would like to be contacted if someone cancels.


Develop Your Defence

Card play as defenders requires co-operation with partner.  Conceptually it is harder than declarer play, as when you are defending you can not see your partner's cards - the combined assets of your partnership are not visible.  

This course has been designed to help non-expert players improve their defensive card play.  A knowledge of foundation bidding is required so this course is for "improvers" and not beginners.  If you have attended any of Gillian's courses, you will know enough to attend and benefit from this one.  You can come on your own and a partner will be found for you for the duration of the course.

This 10-session course will give you the opportunity to focus on your defence as you to work with a partner to understand and use the following techniques:

13th February: No trump leads: Which suit to lead; which card of the chosen suit to lead.

20th February: Third hand play: The lead is made and third hand has to play after dummy.  Normally third hand plays high to try and win the trick; playing the lower with two touching high cards; what to play if partner or dummy is winning the trick (high encouraging signals); what card to play if dummy has a nine or higher.

27th February: Opening leaders next play: Assuming partner returns the original suit led, when to duck to preserve an entry; when to win and give a suit preference signal to show an entry; when to switch to another suit.

6th March: Second Hand Plays: When declarer leads a suit when to play low, when to play high; when and why we cover an honour; exceptions.

13th March: Count signals and discarding: Giving count on declarer's lead, examples of when it is useful and when not to signal; what signals to play when discarding - high encouraging is recommended; suit preference type signals should be avoided.

20th March: Leads to suit contracts: Mostly we choose the same card as in no trumps (except never underlead an ace) but not always the same suit; when to try a side suit; when to lead trumps; leads to avoid

10th April: Playing for ruffs: When to lead a short suit; when to lead to give partner a ruff; suit preference signals.

17th April: Forcing Declarer: Why playing a suit the long trump hand can ruff is often an effective defence; leading long suits when holding long trumps.

24th April: Trump Promotion: Making trump tricks by leading through declarer; the uppercut - recognising when this would be a good defence.

1st May: Planning the Whole Defence: Pulling all the topics together; making a defensive plan; deceptive plays

There is a lot of material in this course so there will be homework to do which may be preparation for the following session.  The homework, in the main, will be taken from the EBU publication Really Easy Defence and should take you about 45 minutes.

Each "Develop Your Defence" session will consist of a short (maximum 20 minutes) introduction to the topic followed by playing and discussion of 12 hands.  You will be given a handout for each lesson with a short introduction to the topic and the details of the twelve hands which were played during the lesson.

PRICE: £50 per person which includes the RE Defence text book.  *If you already have this book, bring it with you to registration and you will only pay £40 for the course (Please tell me in advance so I don't buy more books than I need.)



From Whist to Bridge Course 2017/18

Our last three sessions together will cover strong 2-level openings and responses, including a look at slam bidding.

INFORMATION ABOUT DVDs AND OUR WEEKEND AWAY is on the next page - click on "From Whist to Bridge" in the menu on the left.







On Monday nights the club on Stuart Avenue hold an "improvers" competition evening.  If you've been playing for about a year and would like to raise your game to the next level this is the evening for you.  The competition starts promptly at 7pm and ends about 10pm.  Come on your own or with a partner.  You'll play around 24 boards and afterwards the hands and bidding and results are available for you to view at www.bridgewbs.con/mansfieldmechanics   There is a small charge of £2.50 and tea/coffee and biscuits are available halfway through the evening.  

Fully Qualified Teacher - Gillian Rand
Fully Qualified Teacher - Gillian Rand

"The English Bridge Union has looked after bridge in England since 1936.  It has developed a system by which competent bridge teachers follow a nationally accredited course.  You can feel confident that you will be well taught, and that what you learn will enable you to turn up at a new bridge club and be on the same wavelength as a partner you have never met before."

Really Easy Bidding 3rd Edition 2006

Current students say:

"Gillian is a very talented teacher with endless patience."

"The handouts are excellent - better than any bridge book I have read."

"Really enjoyed it - much better than I thought."

"The teaching is excellent and Gillian creates a very friendly atmosphere and makes learning a pleasure.  She is good at explaining and no one is made to feel stupid even when one makes elementary mistakes."

Workshops for Experienced Players - Next will be June 2018

During May June and July 2016 bidding workshops for experienced players were held at Mansfield Mechanics Bridge Club.  The bidding system used is the EBU recommended Modern Acol, sometimes called "Standard English" as covered in their "Really Easy" series and their "Bridge For All" publications. For more information on the workshops, click on the menu item "For Experienced Players".

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Absolute Beginner?

Register your interest for the next beginner's course which is likely to start in June 2018

Come on your own or with a partner.
For enquiries

'Phone or email Gillian


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Click for the Members Only section
Absolute Beginner?

Register your interest for the next beginner's course which is likely to start in June 2018

Come on your own or with a partner.
For enquiries

'Phone or email Gillian