Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Malvern Bridge Club
AGM Minutes 2012
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at The Malvern Victoria Bowling Club, Malvern on 21st April 2011
1 Apologies

Apologies had been received from Paul Hammond, Mike Hayes, Paul Tapster, Jennifer Romer, Heather Westcott, Jenny Clayphan. Janet Holder, Ken Carpenter, Evie Whitfield, John Crowe and Neville Shorrick

2 Minutes of 2012 AGM
These minutes had been distributed.  Their acceptance was proposed by Irene Culcheth and seconded by Ross Garrett and agreed nem con.

3 Matters arising
There were no matters arising. 

4 Chairman’s Report
Marian thanked the  committee  for work done throughout the year. She  gave especial thanks to Sue Lane, stressing Sue's invaluable contribution to the club by overseeing competitions, organizing the directors' rota and scoring the results each week. Marian also thanked Paul Hammond for installing our new website and to John O'Loughlan who continues to organize the host rota purely on a voluntary basis.
Marian went on to say that concerns regarding membership numbers continue but that there were some positive developments. Several new members had joined during the year and a small number of triduplicate players had expressed an interest in joining the club. Marian said that she felt up beat about the situation and that the friendly atmosphere and welcoming attitude of the club contributed to this feeling.

5 Treasurer’s Report
Maurice  presented the accounts for the year, pointing out there had been a loss of £250. This loss could be made up by just one more table per session.  In the last few weeks the number of tables had increased and if this trend continued it would clearly put us into a plus balance. Maurice reported that Club had moved from HSBC to Lloyds Bank and now had one single account.
The adoption of the accounts was proposed by Fred Rochelle, seconded by Dick Rutter and agreed nem con.
Alan Boyes said that one of the things affecting the budget was that pay to play went up this year. Maurice said that the Committee had discussed increasing the table money but had decided just to monitor the situation for the present.

6 Subscriptions 
No changes were proposed by the Committee.

7 Committee Elections

The current committee is: Glynis Coy, Maurice Curtis (Treasurer),  Sue Lane (Competitions Director), Fred Rochelle, Heidi Collier Paul Tapster & Marian Wilcox (Chairman).

The only nominations received for election were: 
Secretary: Heidi Collier  proposed by Paul Tapster, seconded by John O'Loughlan.

Committee member   Mike Hayes proposed by Geoffrey Herbert, seconded by Heidi Collier
The rest of the Committee is willing to serve for another year

The election of the above was proposed by Barclay Stewart, seconded by Ross Garrett and agreed nem con.

8 Winners of club championships and trophy presentation
  • Championship pairs – Maurice Curtis & Paul Tapster
  • Championship pairs playoff – Alan Boyes & Ross Garrett
  • Individual Championship – Sue Evans
  • Ladies pairs – Sue Evans & Sue Lane
  • Men’s pairs – Maurice Curtis & Paul Tapster
  • Mixed pairs – Marian Wilcox & Ross Garret
9 Any other business
John OLoughlan raised two concerns a) with regard to the host rota, owing to low numbers some members may be asked to have two turns per year as host b) late finishes -some evenings had ended later then 10.30 which was very late for members living further away, Sue Lane will keep and eye on things and discuss with individual directors how best to achieve finishing on time.
. Alan Boyes, one of the members with a long journey thanked the directors for their work and praised them for offering very fair movements which did not give rise to much sitting out.

The AGM closed at about 7.20pm.