Why Bridge is good for you

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  “It’s a game you can play at any age. If you take it up young, you have fun doing it the rest of your life. A lot of games don’t have that depth. This one does.” Bill Gates     

          Bridge is the most popular and exciting card game all over the world, because it is game of skill not luck. In bridge you never will have bad hand, because doesn’t matter what cards you have, what matters how well you will play them, because everybody plays the same hands and you score against other players.          

          It is great way of spending time with friends. Many people enjoy bridge as competitive game. Playing bridge will help you in many ways: improve your memory, improve your problem solving skills, by playing bridge you will improve your partnership communication skills, because you will play with Partner and you have to work as a team to achieve the best result. Bridge is the game for all ages, sexes, races, nationalities and religions. It's never too early or too late to start to play bridge. 

          Three separate research studies done over the past few years have determined that playing bridge can increase academic performance, lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and can even  improve a person’s immune system.           A 2006 study performed by Dr. Christopher Shaw, a researcher from Carlinville, ILL, found that children who play bridge perform significantly better on standardized tests than their non bridge playing counterparts...According to Shaw, learning to play bridge has such a dramatic effect on test scores because “bridge is a game that develops inferential reasoning skills, which are very difficult to teach elementary students.“   There are over 50 million players worldwide and over one million online bridge players worldwide

”Bridge is such a sensational game that I wouldn’t mind being in jail if I had three cellmates who were decent players and who were willing to keep the game going 24 hours a day”

Warren Buffett (in top 500 of rich list USA), Investor and active tournament player)



Marjorie Cox Salver

The Marjorie Cox Salver was won this year by Craige Vollmer and Carol Paton.    Well done.


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Welcome to Malmesbury Bridge Club



♠ We meet every Monday and Thursday evening at 6.45 in Athelstan House, Malmesbury. We are a friendly club and welcome visitors and new members.  

 The session fee is £3 and that includes tea coffee and biscuits.  Some people bring in birthday cakes.

 Boards are computer dealt and we use scoring tablets, so results, including contracts and hand records, are available at the end of the session on this website.

♣ We play teams on the first Thursday and the third Monday of each month- otherwise we play duplicate pairs. 

If you need a partner or want help making up a team please email Richard.


 Athelstan House is a Care Home in Priory Way, Burton Hill just outside Malmesbury.  There is ample free parking.   Map.

Welcome to Malmesbury Bridge Club
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