Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Malahide Regional Bridge Club


If you are inviting a Visitor to the club:

  1. Enter the visitor's name into the Visitors Book  
  2. Inform the Captain that a visitor's number is to be allocated for use of the bridgemate.

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Updated Bridge Rules 2017

Board Orientation: The board should be left in the centre of the table. This rule is not new. Miss-boarding is quite common and without any doubt the cause of these miss boardings can be traced back to the board having been moved from the centre of the table. The only thing new is that the board has to be oriented correctly. If there is no room for the board in the centre of the table, it can be moved with the agreement of all four players to the side of the table but it must contain it's correct orientation.

  • See MRBC Local Rules here
  • See full set of World Bridge Federation rules here (87 pages).
Major Winners 2017 - 2018
Lambay Trophy Winners - 26th September 2017
Lambay Trophy Winners - 26th September 2017


Winners Marion Malone and Catherine Sergeant,
with President Brendan Redmond and Tuesday Captain Peter Wilson.

Gala Pairs Winners - 1st Sept. 2017
  • Blue 1st EW - Dermot and Marjorie McCourt
  • Blue 2nd NS - Mary Tierney Rosarii Denn
  • Blue 3rd EW - Fiona Gormley and Clodagh Gallagher
  • Blue NS 3rd - Paul and Anne Doyle
  • Club/Blue 1st NS - Betty Mitchell and Anne Kavanagh
  • Green 1st EW - Billy Ronan and Pat Cassidy
  • Green 1st NS - Anna Murray and Mary C Breen
  • Green 2nd EW - Bryan Wallace and Eileen McCann
  • Green 2nd NS - Mary Deane and Jeanne Colvin
  • Green 3rd EW - Kevin and Fran OToole
  • Green 3rd NS - Celia Andrews and Catherine Andrews
  • Red 1st EW - Sean Joyce and Bridget OMahony
  • Red 1st NS - Ann Sheerin and Donat OBrien
  • Red 2nd EW - James Wren and Larry Breheny
  • Red 3rd NS - Bernie Neary and Aileen OFlynn
  • Red Joint 3rd EW - David Gallivan and Mary Reid
  • Red Joint 3rd EW - Elaine and Joe Caulfield
  • Yellow 1st EW - Brendan Redmond & Marie Purdue
  • Yellow 1st NS - VivienneJohn Murray
  • Yellow 2nd NS - Catherine Deegan Nora Weafer
  • Yellow 3rd EW - Sheila McBride and Mary T Cleary
  • Yellow 3rd NS - Patricia Quigley and Ann Duffy

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