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If you are inviting a Visitor to the club:

  1. Enter the visitor's name into the Visitors Book  
  2. Inform the Captain that a visitor's number is to be allocated for use of the bridgemate.
Updated Bridge Rules 2017

Board Orientation: The board should be left in the centre of the table. This rule is not new. Miss-boarding is quite common and without any doubt the cause of these miss boardings can be traced back to the board having been moved from the centre of the table. The only thing new is that the board has to be oriented correctly. If there is no room for the board in the centre of the table, it can be moved with the agreement of all four players to the side of the table but it must contain it's correct orientation.

  • See MRBC Local Rules here
  • See full set of World Bridge Federation rules here (87 pages).
Welcome to Malahide Regional Bridge Club
AGM - 23rd May 2019
AGM - 23rd May 2019
** PHOTO ARCHIVE ** Take a look !

The photo archive in the Main room will remain for members to view for a number of days more

*** GOOD NEWS ***


Congratulations to Laura Carthy,

one of our bridge members who has just given birth to a baby boy

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NO Sunday Bridge UNTIL September

Sunday April the 7th was the last Sunday bridge until September

Many thanks, Mary Deane

Welcome to our Club

Welcome to Malahide Regional Bridge Club, Broomfield, Malahide, Co. Dublin. 
We have a membership of more than 600 members and we play on the following times:

  • EVENINGS - Every Monday to Friday night from 7.30pm.
  • MORNINGS - Monday morning from 10.00am. (Except Bank Holidays)
  • AFTERNOON Sunday Afternoon Bridge from 3.00pm

When they are running, the Monday Morning game, the Thursday Morning game, the Friday night game and the Sunday evening game are open to visitors all year round.

Visitors to the area are welcome to play with a member any night, except when the Club is holding a competition event. Contact the Tournaments Officer Pat Dunne, for confirmation (086 2392009).

Location: The Club is located about 1Km up the Hill Rd. from Malahide village, on the left hand side of the road,
sharing the grounds with St. Sylvester's GAA Pitches and the Malahide Hockey Club all-weather pitch. 

Find us on Google Maps here

Scorer: Malahide Regional Bridge Club
Wed 3
Scorer: Malahide Regional Bridge Club
Wed 2
Scorer: Malahide Regional Bridge Club
Tuesday B1
Scorer: Malahide Regional Bridge Club
Tuesday B2
Scorer: Malahide Regional Bridge Club