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Pizza and Bridge Night - Every 3 months, last Sunday of month, commencing at 4 pm. Next Pizza Night is Sunday 27 January. Come along with a partner for an enjoyable evening. Bring a salad or something sweet to have with coffee if you have time to delight us with some home cooking. Bob Cass in charge.

Wednesday and Friday Bridge: PLEASE help your club by being the volunteer who turns up of a  Wednesday or a Friday to be there as a player if needed so that every one has a partner. The reward is a free game of bridge or a token to take away if not required on that day.

Playing bridge at Maitland Bridge club

SYSTEM CARDS: each pair must carry a systems card when playing at a session.

Mobile phones to be turned OFF during bridge sessions.

If you are running late PLEASE let somebody know you are coming to get your names down!

Please arrive at bridge 15 minutes before start of play to allow director to determine the appropriate movement for the day and set up the Bridgemates. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

Welcome to Maitland Bridge Club

On Tuesday 1 Janaury, Bridge Starts at 4.00 pm followed by Pizza. 

Salads and desserts most welcome.

$10 per head for bridge and pizza. BYOG.

Names down on list at clubhouse for catering purposes.

So come along and welcome in the New Year with your bridge friends!

MAITLAND BRIDGE CLUB - an ABF accredited teaching club

Maitland Bridge Club was formed in 1975 and has been steadily growing to its present membership of over 160. Maitland is in the heart of the Hunter Valley and attracts players from Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Cessnock, Singleton and outlying areas.

Our clubhouse is conveniently situated next to the New England Highway, at 12-16 Wallace St., South Maitland [PO BOX 496 Maitland 2320].

President is Jenny Coyle and please feel free to ring her with any enquiry on 0419 774 807.

Vice President is Mim Officer on 0428 358 897.


If you would like to play but haven't got a partner for a certain day, email Alison McEncroe at, ring Alison on 0407305557 , or ring Denis on 0414305725 and they will send out an email to all members telling them to contact you if they can play.

If you need a partner for TUESDAY night, ring or text Bruce on 0425358897

New Players

New players are always welcome to play at our club, come and enjoy  the camaraderie that our club is noted for. 

Beginners catered for with our Wednesday afternoon supervised session. This social bridge afternoon is becoming very popular and YOU DO NOT NEED A PARTNER TO COME ALONG!

Friday morning Duplicate Bridge is also for learners to play along with experienced pairs and YOU DO NOT NEED A PARTNER TO COME ALONG!

Click on Information for our other weekday playing sessions.


Should I Open 1NT w/ a 5-card Major? By Larry Cohen

This is the #1 question. If bridge teachers had a dollar for every time this question is asked, they'd be wealthy people.

Let me start by saying, that there is no "right" answer. With 15-17 balanced, and a 5-card major, open 1NT (balanced means 5-3-3-2. With 5-4-2-2, open the major).

The biggest reason I have for opening 1NT is that if you don't open 1NT, you will have a major (pardon the pun) headache when it comes time to rebid. For example, say you hold: ♠Q 10 ♥A Q 10 4 2 ♦K J 2 ♣K J 3 If you open 1♥, what will you do next? Suppose partner answers with 1♠. How do you show this hand? If you rebid 1NT, you are showing less than 15. If you rebid 2NT, you are showing more than 17.

That is why I prefer to start with 1NT. You have 16 balanced and if you open 1♥, you will never be able to convey that information. Whatever partner responds to 1♥, you will have trouble telling partner that you have 16 HCP.

Is there a downside? Of course. By opening with 1NT, you will sometimes miss out on a proper contract in your major. You will miss some 5-3 major-suit fits (and occasionally, even a 5- 4 fit).

There are conventions (such as Puppet Stayman) to get out of this mess, but those are outside the scope of this article. I have found (in 30+ years) of experience, that my way is the best way. I have my good and bad moments, but in the long run, the money goes to the 1NT opening.

Even when I do miss a 5-3 major-suit fit, I find that notrump plays just as well (and even if it is the same, it is worth a fortune at matchpoints to get the 10 extra points for your contract). I think it best for less-experienced players to blindly open all balanced 15-17 hands with 1NT.

That is because opening with the major ends up creating annoying rebid problems. For example, players who open the hand above with 1♥, will have to invent a rebid (typically in a 3-card suit).

Bridge is hard enough. Intermediate players need to keep things simple.

 I hope this article is of some benefit to those players in a quandary,

Jenny Coyle







Red Point Pairs: Thursday 17 January [Round 1]

EVERY MONDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 12.45PM 

EVERY TUESDAY EVENING - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 6.45PM 

EVERY WEDNESDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable supervised social bridge 12.45PM. Join us for a fun afternoon. All welcome. No partner required.

EVERY THURSDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 12.45PM. 

EVERY FRIDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 9.15AM. No partner required

EVERY SATURDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 12.45PM



A website which is helpful for those who are interested:






Friday pairs
Director: Jenny Swanson
Scorer: Maitland Bridge Club
Thursday Pairs
Director: Jenny Swanson
Scorer: Maitland Bridge Club
Wednesday Christmas Pairs
Director: Ian Bell
Scorer: Maitland Bridge Club