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Pizza and Bridge Night - Every 3 months, last Sunday of month, commencing at 4 pm. Next Pizza Night is Sunday 29 July. Come along with a partner for an enjoyable evening. Bring a salad or something sweet to have with coffee if you have time to delight us with some home cooking. Bob Cass in charge.

Wednesday and Friday Bridge: PLEASE help your club by being the volunteer who turns up of a  Wednesday or a Friday to be there as a player if needed so that every one has a partner. The reward is a free game of bridge or a token to take away if not required on that day.

Playing bridge at Maitland Bridge club

SYSTEM CARDS: each pair must carry a systems card when playing at a session.

Mobile phones to be turned OFF during bridge sessions.

If you are running late PLEASE let somebody know you are coming to get your names down!

Please arrive at bridge 15 minutes before start of play to allow director to determine the appropriate movement for the day and set up the Bridgemates. This is VERY IMPORTANT!





Welcome to Maitland Bridge Club
MAITLAND BRIDGE CLUB - an ABF accredited teaching club

Maitland Bridge Club was formed in 1975 and has been steadily growing to its present membership of over 160. Maitland is in the heart of the Hunter Valley and attracts players from Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Cessnock, Singleton and outlying areas. Our clubhouse is conveniently situated next to the New England Highway, at 12-16 Wallace St., South Maitland [PO BOX 496 Maitland 2320]. President is Jenny Swanson and please feel free to ring her with any enquiry on 0407280814. Our Vice President is Jenny Coyle on 0419774807.

GNOT Regional Final

The following teams will be representing our club at he Regional Final at Newcastle Bridge club on Sunday 30 September:

Tuesday Teams

Jenny and Andrew Swanson, Sonia Roulston and Anna Swanson

Ruth Perris, Kay Hale, Di and Robert Cass

Thursday Teams

Ellie and Jim Fitz-Gerald, Beryl Manuel and Chris Van Wyck

Eileen Humphery and Christo Moskovsky, Emil Battista and Roger Yandle




The Second series of lessons are as follows:

10.00am - 12.00noon     Monday 23 July     STAYMAN

10.00am - 12.00noon     Monday 30 July      WEAK 2 BIDS

10.00am - 12.00noon     Monday 6 August    STRONG 2C OPENING

10.00am - 12.00noon     Monday 13 August    BLACKWOOD

10.00am - 12.00noon     Monday 20 August   GERBER and DOUBLES

10.00am - 12.00noon     Monday 27 August   LEADS and SIGNALS


If you would like to play but haven't got a partner for a certain day, email Alison McEncroe at, ring Alison on 0407305557 , or ring Denis on 0414305725 and they will send out an email to all members telling them to contact you if they can play.

If you need a partner for TUESDAY night, ring or text Bruce on 0425358897

New Players

New players are always welcome to play at our club, come and enjoy  the camaraderie that our club is noted for. 

Beginners catered for with our Wednesday afternoon supervised session. This social bridge afternoon is becoming very popular and YOU DO NOT NEED A PARTNER TO COME ALONG!

Friday morning Duplicate Bridge is also for learners to play along with experienced pairs and YOU DO NOT NEED A PARTNER TO COME ALONG!

Click on Information for our other weekday playing sessions.


Swiss Pairs/Teams Tactics

Written by Many different sources

If you're interested in your score, then you need to know that playing IMPs (such as in most Swiss pairs and teams events) is different to playing normal matchpoint-scored duplicate sessions. Here is a summary of tactics for Swiss pairs/teams (ie IMP scoring) summarised from several internet sources:

  1. Make your contract. Play as safe as possible to make your contract and don't play for overtricks. Overtricks are not as important as in matchpoints where they are everything. If you’re in the right spot, it usually works in your favor. Trust your bidding system.
  2. Stretch to bid a game. If vulnerable, 40% games should be bid, such as 3NT with 24 points. If not vulnerable, 50%. You’ll pick up ten imps for a vulnerable game the field didn’t bid (+620 – 170 = +450 = +10 imps), whereas you lose only six if you fail in a game they didn’t bid (-100 -140 = -240 = -6 imps). Go for it.
  3. Don’t double their part scores, unless you can see them down two in your own hand. And this means you have a fistful of trump tricks. Don’t count on your partner for tricks or double strictly on high-card points.
  4. Your competitive bidding should be more constructive than at matchpoints. Don't make wild, preemptive bids just because you have 6+ cards in one suit. Don’t go down for (postcode) numbers.
  5. Play your safest contract. If you have a better fit in a minor, play that, especially partscore. Make whatever you bid. +110 is only one imp worse than +140. This also applies to games and slams.
  6. Don’t stretch to bid slams. Bid only slams that are at least 75%
  7. Don't make a risky bid or play because you think you are down in a match. You never can tell what’s happening at the other table.
  8. Don’t make a confusing bid that partner may pass (you thought it was forcing) or that shows extra values that you don't have.
  9. Take out insurance. There are sometimes wild hands with lots of distribution, doubles fits and long suits. where both sides can make game. It is usually right to bid one more, as it’s hard to tell if they are going down.
  10. Take a chance to beat a contract. Sometimes you give up an overtrick (only - 1 IMP), but If your bold play beats it, you are well ahead.

And remember, if a hand’s hard for you, it's hard for everyone else. This guiding principle will help you on several of the points already listed.

Hope this is of some benefit to our new players......




Red Point Pairs: Thursday 14 June [Round 7], Thursday 12 July [Round 9], Monday 23 July [Round 8]


Mondays 4, 11 and 18 June [Each team must have at least one male and one female each week, two subs allowed]

Winter Pairs [Open and Handicap]:

Tuesdays - 10, 17 and 24 July

Fridays - 13, 20 and 27 July

♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣  

EVERY MONDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 12.45PM 

EVERY TUESDAY EVENING - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 6.45PM 

EVERY WEDNESDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable supervised social bridge 12.45PM. Join us for a fun afternoon. All welcome. No partner required.

EVERY THURSDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 12.45PM. 

EVERY FRIDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 9.15AM. No partner required

EVERY SATURDAY - Relaxed and enjoyable Duplicate Bridge 12.45PM



A website which is helpful for those who are interested:






Saturday Pairs
Director: Jill Parsons
Scorer: Maitland Bridge Club
Friday Pairs
Director: Vicki Bell
Scorer: Maitland Bridge Club
Thursday Pairs
Director: Vicki Bell
Scorer: Maitland Bridge Club