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Important Points

Please use your Personal ID number to identify yourself when setting up the Bridgemates. If you have a visitor with you, they can be entered as zero (0), the scorer will update their name in the database later.

If you make a entry mistake with the Bridgemate, please call for the scorer. It shouldn't be too difficult to fix things as long as East hasn't accepted the result.Even then, the scorer can fix the error directly on the computer. At the end of the evening and before entering the last board, please report any potential corrections to the scorer and Tournament Director.

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Some Useful Probabilities
Some Useful ProbabilitiesSteve Williams has sent in a table of the probabilities of finding the missing cards of a suit in the two opponents hands. So next time you are missing four trumps and you are trying to decide whether to play for the drop or finesse the Queen, make sure you have memorised a few of the probabilities on this page.
Last updated : 9th May 2012 17:36 BST
Members News
All members now have a personal ID number to identify them to the bridgemate and scoring program. If anyone forgets their ID, please email Also, please check and confirm your email address if you are not receiving updates.

Monday May 7th wasn't bad, but we only got started at 1905 hrs (although people did phone in to say they were coming which was good). we finished at 2235 hrs which is about 35 minutes too long. Well done Prithi and Nilmini!

We should be able to complete 26 boards in around 3 hours, so we should still be targeting completing the tournament by 2200 hrs. Let's try to start 1900hrs promptly.

Last updated : 9th May 2012 17:46 BST