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EBU Club Bulletin - Sim Pairs
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Welcome to the home page of the most easterly Bridge Club in Great Britain.

We play duplicate bridge twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, with a mixture of open pairs, teams, and individual competitions. We also take part in national simultaneous pairs competitions when these take place on a suitable day. We welcome visitors to all but individual and teams competitions, and more information is available from the secretary

2014 AGM

The AGM will take place on Monday 12th May, at Bloodmoor Community Centre, at 6.50 pm. The Agenda and 2013 Minutes will be displayed on club nights, but can also be viewed using the link in the side menu. A Nomination form for officers and committee members is also available on club nights.

Don't Break the Laws

We have been asked to remind members that if a board is passed out the first time it is played it must not be redealt - Law 22 A. It is very rare that a board is passed out all night but nobody should be obliged to bid in the fourth seat because there have been three passes.

We have also been asked to point out that a lot of information is being passed between partners by illegal means. Bidding should be silent and without body language that suggests displeasure at partner's bid, or uncertainty over what to bid next.

We have become lazy in observing the Laws of Bridge; for your information a complete copy of the EBU publication The Laws of Duplicate Bridge can be found here http://www.ebu.co.uk/documents/laws-and-ethics/laws/laws.pdf . We have also become lazy in following accepted standards of conduct and etiquette - as a guide to good behaviour Law 74: Conduct and Etquette has been added as the third main topic in the side menu.

Waddington Goblet

Congratulations to Philip Sutton, winner of the Waddington Goblet with a score of 66.96%.

Lowestoft Trophy

The date of the Lowestoft Trophy has been confirmed as Thursday 15th May.

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Current Sim Pairs Link

 Click here if you want to go straight to the Lowestoft page for the current Sim Pairs.

Contact for Partners
Jan Jay (501152) can help you find a partner.
24th April 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Robert Shreeve
Scorer: Robert Shreeve
28th April 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Peter Howlett
Scorer: Felicity Hillier
1st May 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Bridget Shreeve
Scorer: Bridget Shreeve
5th May 2014
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