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EBU Club Bulletin - Sim Pairs
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28th Aug 2014 15:25 BST
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16th Mar 2014 13:42 GMT
Welcome to the home page of the most easterly Bridge Club in Great Britain.

We play duplicate bridge twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, with a mixture of open pairs, teams, and individual competitions. We also take part in national simultaneous pairs competitions when these take place on a suitable day. We welcome visitors to all but individual and teams competitions, and more information is available from the secretary

Miller Vases

Congratulations to Charlie Wilderspin and Ron Seabrook, winners of the Miller Vases with a score of 63.02%.

BridgeWebs App

You can now get the results, news, and much more on your smart phone or tablet, by using the BridgeWebs App. See http://www.bridgewebs.com/app/

The App is simple to set up and just requires you to choose the club or clubs that you are interested in, then you have 3 separate windows.

  • Results - to view the Latest Results
  • News - to view the latest News
  • Diary - to view forthcoming events

In each window, for ease of use, the summary information for each club that you have picked is merged in one list, with the latest or most relevant, regardless of club, at the top.

So, in practice, for the Results, if you play at more than one club, open the App, touch [Results] and your latest results are available from the entry at the top.

For the News, the list is in the order updated, so if a club adds a news bulletin, this is at the top.

For the Diary, this simply works forward from today.

Scroll through the appropriate list and "Tap" to see the detail.

The app costs £1.99 for an android. I assume the ipad and iphone app costs the same.

Chicago and Teams

The sign-up lists for the Chicago Cup and John White Trophy (Teams) competitions are now available on club nights, and the draws will be made at the committee meeting to be held on 3rd September. As usual the seeding for the teams will be based on average pairs scores over June, July and August.

Thou shalt not.....

If a board is passed out the first time it is played it must not be redealt - Law 22 A.

Bidding should be silent and without body language that suggests displeasure at partner's bid, or uncertainty over what to bid next.

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Current Sim Pairs Link

 Click here if you want to go straight to the Lowestoft page for the current Sim Pairs.

Contact for Partners
Jan Jay (501152) can help you find a partner.
1st September 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Bridget Shreeve
Scorer: Jan Jay
4th September 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Bridget Shreeve
Scorer: Bridget Shreeve
8th September 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Peter Howlett
Scorer: Felicity Hillier
11th September 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Robert Shreeve
Scorer: Robert Shreeve
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