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Congratulations to our B Team!

Our B team are to be congratulated!  They have finished the season top of League Division Four in a three-way tie.  Have they been crowned Division Champions?  No, at least not yet.  The tie has to be split as only one team may have the title and, indeed, only two teams may occupy the potential promotion places.  The LCBA boffins are burning the midnight oil and wearing out their sharp pencils in a bid to answer these questions.  So watch this space.

Last updated : 23rd Mar 2018 12:26 GMT
Look Who Is In The 70% Club

On Tuesday 20 March Barrie Parker and Hughie Cairns scored just over 70%.  Not bad for a couple of young 'uns.  Congratulations!

Last updated : 23rd Mar 2018 12:11 GMT
Committee minutes are available

The minutes of the Committee meeting held on 16th March 2018 are available for reading.  Click the menu item on the left side of this page. 

Last updated : 26th Mar 2018 13:04 BST
The Jackson Cup (Pairs Championship)

Ben Norton and Jim Mason not only won the Jackson Trophy - they used the opportunity to sail into the "seventy percenters club" with a magnificent score of 75.93%.  As is traditional, they will be offered entry as the club representatives in this year's Hyman Crammer competition run by the LCBA.

In second place were Azam Khan and David Mitchell with a score of 62.04%.

Last updated : 16th Mar 2018 19:03 GMT
The Loughborough Cup (Teams)

Congratulations to the winning team of Jackie Wilkes & Glen Clelland with Sheila & Brian Stockdale.  Their score of 47 IMPs was comfortably ahead of the 27 IMPs scored by Tracy Jarvis & Sue Hardie with Pat Simpson & Gary Jones in second place.

Last updated : 9th Mar 2018 21:57 GMT
The Sharanda Mixed Pairs

Congratulations to Iris Walker and Ron Forster on winning the Sharanda Mixed Pairs competition.  The top three scores were

1st Iris Walker & Ron Forster 62.96%

2nd Tracy Jarvis & Barry Smith 60.88%

3rd Susie Perrett & David Mitchell 58.56%

Last updated : 2nd Feb 2018 09:30 GMT
Bridgemates - Taking Care

Both sides are urged to be very careful in entering and agreeing the contract and the tricks.  On occasion we see impossible scores.  The Director who is trying to play bridge cannot do much to check on what you enter.  After the bridge is over the Director has no power to change these impossible scores unless the pairs concerned can help.  Otherwise, the scores entered must stand.

Last updated : 11th Aug 2016 23:04 BST
Not Receiving Club Emails

You will receive club emails if

1) You are a member of the club

2) You have given your consent for your details to be shared (Data Protection Act)

3) You have NOT opted out of receiving emails

If you have answered Yes Check your Spam/Junk folder

If you have answered No  any one of these please follow this link Receiving emails

Last updated : 6th Jul 2016 19:20 BST
The Alice Trophy, 3 May

On Thursday 3rd May we will be playing for the final competition of the season - the Alice Trophy.  Everyone can play that evening as normal but the movement will be a single winner type and the Alice Trophy will go to the highest ranked pair that have not won any other competition in the season.

Welcome to Bradgate Members

On Tuesday 8 May we will play host to Brdgate B.C. members who will not be able to play at Rothley on 7 May. To help with planning the evening, please get your partnership signed in by 7.05.

Need a Partner?

Phone Barrie Parker  07763103091



Thu 3rd May 2018
The Alice Trophy
Thu 24th May 2018
Tue 29th May 2018
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