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TBH Instructors Only (forms)
Instructor Forms Procedures

Downloadable forms are available here for instructors, for courses and classes.

The 3 x Flyer and Signup Forms AND the 2 x Enroll-Attend Forms are loaded as Microsoft Word files

to enable an Instructor to download and edit.  Where possible, please submit as eMail attachments.


  - the TBH Treasurer (TBH-Tr) is Dick Chapman

  - the TBH Education Program Chairperson (TBH-EPC) is Richard Kalkbrenner


  - the TBH Education Coordinator (TBH-EC) is Virginia Young

  - the TBH Student Data Coordinator (TBH-SDC) is Cheryl Floyd


1.  Please submit your Course Proposal form to TBH-EC, who will check date and room availability

                                and forward to TBH-EPC for Education Committee approval of content.


2.  After Class-1:  a)  Please submit “Course Enrollment-Attendance Form” with

                                      collected cash and checks to TBH-Tr.

                                b)  Please submit “Student Information Forms” to TBH-SDC.


3.  Please maintain the “Course-Enrollment-Attendance Form” for each Class of over an hour,

                                     for later analysis and evaluation.


4.  At Course-end  a)  Please submit “Course Enrollment-Attendance Form” to TBH-SDC.

                                  b)  Please submit “Course Evaluation Forms” to TBH-SDC.

                                  c)  Submit your invoice for courses, including approved expenses (if any) to TBH-Tr.

                                  d)  Submit your check for resources usage fee (if applicable) to TBH-Tr.