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Lingfield and Dormans Bridge Club

Welcome to the Lingfield and Dormans Bridge Club.  

We are a small but active Club running three sessions a week. We use the Bridgemates automated scoring system and the Duplimate automated dealing system, which enable all hands played, and their analysis, to be visible on the Club website within minutes of the end of a session.

Visitors are very welcome  - also at all our Sim Pairs events, but members have priority in the (very) unlikely event that we are short of space.

There is a host system in place on Tuesdays and Thursdays (except for special events) for players who do not have a partner. Click on the Calendar for details of available stewards.

A membership Application Form can be found and downloaded from the Information Menu to the left of this page.

  Club Individual Championship

Congratulations to Pat Parker for winning the 2014 Club Individual Championship.

  Messages for Members Only

Do you see the "Members Only"  button on the top-right of this web page? Wondering what it's all about?  By clicking on that button and registering yourself, you will be able to see messages left by other club members. This could be useful to you if you are looking for a partner for a particular session, need a lift to the club/an event, or if you want to leave a message for club members but don't want it to be visible to everyone on the Internet.

Before registering, you will first need to know the members only (club) password which is available from the Club Secretary, any of the committee members, or by clicking/emailing this address

Click for the Members Only section
Forthcoming Events
Thurs 9 British Autumn SIM Pairs
Volunteer Hosts Needed

Hosts are needed for most dates  from Thursday 6 November onwards. Click here to see the detailed Host rota.

Don't forget: No volunteers, no host! Please fill in rota sheet on the Club Notice Board or call/e-mail Wynne Gifford.



Find a Partner
Need a one off or regular partner?  Click Here
23rd Oct 2014
Director: Sue Barnes
Scorer: Lingfield & Dormans Bridge Club
21st Oct 2014
Director: Colin Thomas
Scorer: Lingfield & Dormans Bridge Club
20th Oct 2014
Director: Margaret Aitchison
Scorer: Lingfield & Dormans Bridge Club
16th Oct 2014
Director: John Vermeer
Scorer: Lingfield & Dormans Bridge Club
27th Oct 2014
28th Oct 2014
Host: Anthony Mitchell
30th Oct 2014
Host: Anita Cox
3rd Nov 2014
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