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Congratulations to Glynn Elwick upon receiving the EBU's Dimmie Fleming Award for 2018

The intent of the Dimmie Fleming award is to publicly recognise those people who do not hold an official (i.e. EBU) office, but have, for a long time - usually over 15 years – worked hard for bridge in administration at County level. Board Directors, Vice Presidents, EBU employees and Panel Tournament Directors are excluded from nomination. However, after leaving office, such people are eligible for an award, if they too have worked hard for bridge at County level.

Phyllis Irene “Dimmie” Fleming, who died aged 85 in 1996, was for almost 20 years ‘Mrs Bridge’, running the English Bridge Union from her home, as secretary from 1955 to 1974. She was only the second woman to play in a British open team.

European Championships (open team): 1953
European Championships (women's team): 1939 1948 1949 1951* 1952* 1954 1958 1959* 1962 1963* 1970 and 1971
World Olympiad (women's team): 1960 and 1964

*  = 1st place

Ghost Pairs

The Ghost Pairs was held at Dunholme Village Hall on Sunday 4th November.  18 pairs had entered to provide our Director, Stuart, with the simplicity of a 9 table 36 board Mitchell movement and two winners.  Congratulations to North/South, Phillip Harland & Sue Barraclough, 164 imps; East/West, Brian Smith & Ron Wall, 189 imps.

Thanks to all those who supported this event, and particularly to our Director & Scorer, Stuart Knox for all the time he spent directing and producing a complex result a few hours after the event.

The next event is the Christmas Random Seeded Pairs, which will be held on 16th December at Dunholme.

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