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County Championships
County Championships 9/10 Apr 16

The County Championships were held at Scunthorpe BC on April 9/10th. The Pairs Championship was held on the first day. Twenty-six pairs entered and the first session was the qualfying event. The first five pairs in each direction  qualified for the main final. The N/S direction was won by Alan and Drene Brown with 64.02%. Second came Mike Llewellyn and Megan Williams with a score of 60.8%. In third place was John Gaunt and Debbie Burton scoring 60.42%. E/W winners were Dennis Mellor and Roy Hughes with 62.31%, runners-up came Maurice Ladlow and Mo Parsons scoring 56.25%. Third place was taken by David Stoddart and Mark Wain with 60.42%.  Those pairs finishing sixth and below in both directions qualified for the Consolation Final.

   After the break the Finals took place. The main final was won by Glynn Elwick and Keith Stewart with 59.72%. Second came Mike Llewellyn and Megan Williams scoring 57.87% and in third place was Nick Hunter and Ruby Schnalke with 55.56%. The Consolation Final was won by Malcom Hammond and David Page with 60.12%, second was Trish Herring and Susan archer with 57.14% and third was David and Sally Williams with 55.06%. Thanks to all of the players that attended. I hope that you all enjoyed it.

      On the second day the Teams Competition was played. It was disappointing that only nine Teams entered . the first session was a round robin of 24 boards with the first five teams to qualify for the main final. Winners of this was Maurice Lynn's team with 42 IMPs. Second was Nick Hunter's team with 29 IMPs and third came Ron Wall's team with 26 IMPs. The losing four teams played in the Consolation event.

  The main event was played over 24 boards. The result was very close. Maurice Lynn won with 46 VPs from Roy Hughes with 43 VPs. In third was Margaet McCleod with 40 VPs. The Consolation Final was captured by Sylvia Bunton's team.

  Unfortunately this was the second time that the attendance for the Teams Championship was really poor. Your County Committee will have to look at the structure of the Championships and see if any alterations ought to be made.

   Finally, thank you to Helen Barr for the way that she Directed both events over the weekend.