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Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association
Lincs Gold Final 2014/15
Hunter beat Wall by 15 IMPs

Congratulations to Nick Hunter's Team

            Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke, Andrew Green & John Longmuir
Ron Wall & Brian Smith, Andrew King & Alan Brown
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27th Nov 2015 11:02 GMT
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Andrew Green (Captain)/John Longmuir/Ruby Schnalke/Nick Hunter

Mo Parsons (Captain0/Maurice Ladlow/Dennis Mellor/Debbie Burton/John Gaunt

Roy Hughes (Captain)/Keith Stewart/Vic Llewellyn/Mike Llewellyn/Glynn Elwick

Martin Sizer (Captain)/Helen Dunning/Mark Wardell/Graham Marshall/Reg Loosely/Mary-Jo Mangion

Chris Phillips (Captain)/Alan Millington/Paul Wokes/Dave Pettengell/Alan Marshall/John Brocklehust




As you can see we have 5 teams in the League this season. This will mean that each team will play 4 mayches, 2 at home and 2 away. The fixtures are:-


Green vs. Parsons Green vs Hughes Sizer vs.Green Phillips vs Green Parsons vs Hughes ( Parsons won 14-6 V.P.s) Parsons vs Sizer Phillips vs Parsons Hughes vs Sizer Hughes vs Phollips and Sizer vs Phillips



The first named side in each fixture is the home side for each match. They are expected to provide light refreshments for the away side. Remember, the matches are matches of 24 boards. This is made up of 12 boards against each of the opposition pairs. I do not put a time limit on these fixtures. You know that the whole League has to be completed by May 2016. This seems a long tome in the future but time passes quickly. Please try to get a couple of matches, at least, played before the New Year so that there is not a load of pressure towards the end of the season. Turn the results into V.P.s and then let me know. I will put a list of e-mails and telephone numbers for the Captains on the website in the near future. Any problems then gey in touch (01652654872). Glynn.


The information for contact of team Captains, as up to date as I have it is,



Andrew Green,, tel 01522808086   Roy Hughes , tel 01522788256   Mo Parsons, tel 01526342047  Martin Sizer tel 01507602249,  Chris Phillips, tel 01526569030 or 07771838473