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County League 2016-2017 Season

Entries for the 2016-2017 Season are :-

Glynn Elwick/Pete Stackhouse/Vic Llewellyn/Mike Llewellyn/Keith Stewart

Mark Wardell/David Stoddart/Reg Loosley/Mary-Jo Mangion/Mark Wain/Sue York

Mo Parsons/Maurice Ladlow/Dennis Mellor/Debbie Burton/John Gaunt

Andrew Green/John Longmuir/Ruby Schnalke/Nick Hunter

Alan Millington/Chris Phillips/John Hill/Maurice Lynn


We have five teams in the league this season (2016-2017). This means that we have ten matches, in total, to play. Each team has four fixtures, two at home and two away. I would like teams to play their matches by around next Easter. This allows at least six months to get the matches played. This appears, on the face of it, much time to get it all sorted out. However, as I have found out, if Captains let things slide then we get the annoying delays that really frustrate players. Please be proactive and try and get matches played. They can be played in any order and at any venue. The first named team is the "home" team and the second named team is the "away" team. Please would the home team provide light refreshments for the away team.

Each match is played over 24 boards in two 12 board stanzas, 12 boards against each pair. The results are IMPed and this is turned into a V.P. score out of 20. Would the winning Captain please forward the result, and the names of all the players in the match, asap, to me. As I have stressed so many times, it is a great help if a team consists of 5 or 6 players. This makes it easier to arrange dates for matches. It is not a rule that a team has extra players but it is a wise thing to do.

Please would the away Captain contact the home Captain to arrange matches. Hopefully there will not be any problems about arranging matches but if there is then please get in contact with me. It is up to the home Captain to arrange boards and equipment etc for each match. Hopefully this includes hand records although this is not a rule. Good luck to all teams. Please play all matches in a very friendly spirit. We all know each other well and we should be able to have a friendly but competitive competition. good luck to all the teams.


The fixtures for this season are :-

Elwick vs Wardell (Wardell won 11-9 VPs)  Parsons vs Elwick (Elwick won 15-5 VPs)  Elwick vs Green (Green won 15-5 VPs)  Millington vs Elwick (Elwick won 15-5 VPs)   Parsons vs Wardell (Parsons won 12-8 VPs)   Wardell vs Green (Green won 16-4 VPs)   Wardell vs Millington (Wardell won 13-7 VPs)   Green vs Parsons (Parsons won 14-6 VPs)   Millington vs Parsons (Parsons won 16-4 VPs)   Green vs Millington (Millington won 12-8 VPs)


Contact details for Captains, as up to date as I have are :-

Glynn Elwick tel 01652654872 Mark Wardell tel 01507480515 Mo Parsons tel 01526342047 Andrew Green tel 01522808086 Alan Millington tel 01673885507

Finally, the 2016-2017 County League has finished. The competition was a very keenly contested one. The overall result was that Parsons won the League by 1 VP from Green. Two VPs behind Green came Elwick. In fourth place was Wardell with Millington in fifth position. Throughout the season every team won at least one match. Hopefully all of the teams will give it a go this coming season along with one or two other teams. Entries to Glynn, please.