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Lincs Gold Final 2014/15
Hunter beat Wall by 15 IMPs

Congratulations to Nick Hunter's Team

            Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke, Andrew Green & John Longmuir
Ron Wall & Brian Smith, Andrew King & Alan Brown
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3rd Sep 2015 09:56 BST
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Teams League & Cups
Teams League & Cups
We have five teams in both the Lincs Gold and the County League. The teams are the same in both competitions. They are Hughes, Wall, Hunter, Parsons and Waine
  In the Lincs Gold the preliminary match will be Wall vs. Parsons. 
The semi-finals are Waine vs. Hunter and Hughes vs Wall or Parsons.  Hopefully, we can get these matches played within a reasonable time because we have to chose a team for the Pachabo competition from the finalists of the Lincs Gold.
   In the League I have circulated the matches to the team Captains and signified which team is at home in each match. There are ten matches in total and a keen competition is anticipated. Again, it is hoped that Captains will try to organise matches at sensible intervals through the season so that we are not rushing to complete the fixtures at the end of the season..
   In the Lincs Gold the preliminary match has been played. As usual it was a very close match but in the end Wall( Wall/Smith/Brown/King) beat Parsons by 25 IMPs. Ron will go on to play Roy Hughes in the semi-final.
    In the League, the first match has been played. Hunter( Schalke/Longmuir/Green) played Wall and came away with a convincing win of 40 IMPs. This converted to a Victory Points score of 17-3. This will make the rest of the League matches interesting this season. 
   The second semi-final of the Lincs Gold has now been played. In a very tight and hard fought match, Wall just edged out Hughes by a single IMP. This means that Wall will play Hunter in the Final
   Another League match has been played. Ladlow(Ladlow/Parsons/Gaunt/Burton) played Waaine(WAine/Marshall/Brocklehurst/Wokes). Ladlow won the match by 13-7 VPs..