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Lincoln Hills Duplicate Bridge Club
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Feb 19, 2018 10:34 PST
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Annual Membership Dues:  $10.00

ACBL membership is recommended but not required.

2018 Club Officers

Mitch Miladinovich
Vice President
Sharon Neff
John White
Jim McElfresh

For partners in the Open games contact:

Lynne White at



For partnerships in the

limited games contact:

Sharon Duley at 253-3885


Conduct & Ethics Policy
Nonresident Guest Policy
Policies and Procedures
General Lesson Handouts
Second Hand Play-Allan
Going With the Odds-McClelland
Third Hand Play
Game Invitations
1NT Forcing-Laurie Vath
A Potpourri of Laws
A Website Primer
Attitude and Etiquette
Balancing2 - Gayle
Blackwood and Gerber
Bridge Rules You Should Know
Bridge Etiquette & Rules
Bidding Theory I
Bridge Theory II
Captaincy Principle
Competing at the 3-Level - - Doug Murphrey
Contested Auctions-Jack Uppal
Counting Tricks
Cue Bids 2
Cue Bids on the Way to Slam
Cue Bids
Cuebid Raises
Defense of Week 2 Opening Bids
Defensive Card Play
Defensive Signals - Doug Murphey
Defensive Signals in Bridge
Doubles - Dave Russell
Doubles - Squeak's Guidelines
Defensive Strategy - Jack Uppal
End Plays
Hamilton - DONT
Help Suit Game Try
Help Suit Game Try - Gayle Koedel
Intrusion over Opponent's 1NT Opening
Inverted Minors
Jacoby 2NT
Jacoby 2NT, Splinters
Jacoby 2NT, Splinters II
Kent's Tips - Defense
Losing Trick Count - Doug Murphey
Mel's Rules
Michael's Cue Bid
Michael's Cue Bid-Dave Russel
Michael's Q-Bid
Minor Suit Openings
Modified Michaels' Cue Bid
Negative Doubles - Gayle
Negative Doubles - Shel Fein
New Minor Forcing - - Doug Murphey
Opening Bids
Opening 2 Bids
Opening Light
Opening 2C Bid and Responses
Partner Overcalled! Now What?
Plan Your Play
Pull Trump or Not
Rebids I
Rebids II
Responses to Weak 2-bids
Reverse Bidding I
Reverse Bidding II
Splinters - Beginning Level
Suggestions to Score Better Now
Takeout Doubles - Murphey
7/8 - Taking Care of Entries - - Jim McElfresh
The Hold-Up
Tips for Defense - Laurie Vath
Two Suited Hands
Unusual NT-Michael's Q-Bid
Weak NT
Website Training
What Do You Know About the Bidder's Hand
Which Finesse?