Leicestershire Contract Bridge Association
Christmas Quiz 2015

You are on a game show, and you're given the choice of three doors. Behind one door is a car; behind the others are goats. You pick a door, say A, and the host, who knows what's behind the doors, opens another door, say C, which has a goat. He then says to you, "Do you want to pick door B?"

1.Is it to your advantage to switch your choice to B?

2.How is the answer relevant to bridge card play?

3.What is the name of the American game show and its host who sent university mathematicians into a frenzy over the correct answer when the problem arose?

Please feel free to send your answers and any thoughts you may have through the Contact Us menu. A full analysis will be provided in an article after Christmas.

Children In Need

ECats Bridge are running the Children In Need Simultaneous Pairs 2015 event from 6th November through to 12th November. Last year they raised £70,104 for the BBC Children In Need appeal. Six Leicestershire clubs participated and hosted the event. Here are some of the results.

Friday 6th November County
Ian Walkerdine & Maureen Wiiliams 63.0% (37th) ; Marjories Gilberson & Mathuradas Rughani 59.8% (88th);
Paul & Linda Loveday 59.0% (101st) ; John Bee & Mary Johnson 58.4% (113th)
920 pairs competed
Monday 9th November County, Grantham
Peter Nuttall & Anne Wright 61.5% (131st) ; Charu & Sobhag Shah 60.1% (203rd);
Carol Fisher & Martin Mellor 58.4% (309th); Keith Preston & Ken Vernon 58.1% (319th)
2517 pairs competed
Tuesday 10th November Blaby
Peter Riley & Roger Wharmby 62.6% (97th) ; Lloyd Danvers & Peter Nuttall 61.4% (149th)
2069 pairs competed
Wednesday 11th November County, Lutterworth
Neil Ackerley & Kath Lightfoot 59.4% (180th) ; Mick Aldridge & Ian Blackburn 58.4% (240th)
Hasmukh Sumaria & Paul Winterton 57.8% (280th) ; Ann & Norman Williams 59.8% (362nd)
2027 pairs competed
Thursday 12th November Ashby , County, Rutland
Peter Nuttall & Anne Wright 65.9% (15th) ; John Milne & Ian Walkerdine 65.1% (22nd)
Stephen Foster & Geoffery Snushall 61.4% (121st) ; Ann Robins & Isabel Stanley 59.4% (196th)
Robert Missenden & George Strang 58.0%% (272nd) ; Bill Greenslade & Graham Goode 57.9% (284th)
Peter Robinson & Larry Stuart-Jones 58.0%% (272nd) ; Dean Benton & Barry Davis 57.5% (320nd)
2006 pairs competed
Club Tournament Director Training Courses come to Leicester

EBED (English Bridge Education & Development) are running courses at the County Bridge Club.

  • Essentials £40 Saturday 14th November 2016
  • Book Rulings £45 Saturday 12th December 2016
  • Judgement Rulings £45 Saturday 23rd January 2016
  • Assessment £60 Saturday 20th February 2016

Anyone interested should contact EBEDClick to view
EBED advertisement

British Autumn Simultaneous Pairs

Lutterworth participated in the British Autumn Simultaneous Pairs on Wed 7th October. 15 pairs competed. Glenys Baron & Peter Dunn were the top pair with 58.03% nationally, finishing 150 of 1049.

Derbyshire CBA Green Pointed Event Results

The Derbyshire CBA Green Pointed Event was held on 26th Sept (Pairs - 54 pairs competed) and 27th Sept (Teams - 19 teams competed).

6 pairs included LCBA representation and best performances were Carolyn Fisher and Pat Watson (74/140 VPs - 4 wins) and Alan Lord and John Thompson (73/140 VPs - 4 wins). The teams included 3 that involved LCBA members, best were Andrew Billson & Steve Fieldhouse with Brain Woodhall & Pat Dunham who finished 12th (65/140 VPs - 3 wins).

Clarendon North win Samani Salver 2015

Congratulations to Clarendon North (Paul & Sue Bowyer, Duncan & Kerri Happer, Tony Kitson and Jim Mason) who won this year's Samani Salver.The Plate competition was won by County B (Mike Ayers ,Dick & Lucy Pathan, Mike Gould and Tom Lindop).


Samani Salver semi-finalists Winner Aggregate score Salver Winner
Clarendon South Loughborough A Clarendon South +160 Clarendon North
Clarendon North Glenfield A Clarendon North +1470



Samani Silver Plate semi-finalists Winner Plate Winner
County B Bradgate C County B County B
Bradgate B Blaby A Bradgate B
Hurwich Quaich 2015

The Hurwich Quaich is an open handicapped league teams of four competition run by the County bridge club. This year 9 teams competed. Paul & Sue Bowyer, Ian Bruce, Gary Duddle, Yasser Haider, Duncan & Kerri Happer, Irene Krantz, Jim Mason and Simon Stokes represented team Stokes who won the league undefeated.

British Summer Simultaneous Pairs

Grantham Bridge club entered the British Summer Simultaneous pairs on Tuesday 28th July. June Dixon and Becky Ronan finished 56th of 1175 pairs and Margaret and Roger Shelley finished 71st. Both pairs scored over 60% nationally, well done.

Summer at the Green Point Congresses

Scarborough :

Thursday July 23rd to Saturday July 25th

Congratulations to Alison Nichols & Simon Stokes who won the pre-tournament pairs on Thursday.

On Friday Duncan Happer, playing with S.Cope, B.Green and A.Kent came second in the A Final of the teams event. Alison & Simon played with Brian & Sheila Stockdale coming third in the yellow section. Pat Watson (Carolyn Fisher, S.Evans and L.Gervis) also played in the yellow section.

The pairs was on Saturday with Brian and Sheila (41st) and Alison & Simon (43rd) in top third of field of 130. Pat and Carolyn were lying 8th after the second of three sessions and finished 77th overall.

Notts CBA July 18th and 19th pairs and teams :

46 pairs and 19 teams met at Spondon.In the pairs event Carolyn Fisher & Pat Watson finished 8th, Yasser Haider & Simon Stokes finished 9th, and John Bee and  Mary Johnson were 24th. In the teams event Leicestershire were represented by Graham Lightfoot (Chris Cassin, Lol Tolbutt and Alan Webb) and Andrew Billson (Steve Fieldhouse, Ray Jolland and Miranda Vinecombe).

Ben Norton in 25th European Youth Team Championship

Loughborough's Ben Norton represented England in the Under 21 category of the European Youth Team Championships (see results) at Tromso, Norway on 18th - 25th July. There were 16 teams in the Under 21 series and the competition was run as a round robin (teams of four) event over 7 days. Ben played in every match partnering Frederick Illingworth (first seven matches), Sam Behrens (six times) and Nicholas Dean (twice). Netherlands won the series with England finishing 13th. England U26 side finished 4th and the U16 side finished 5th.

Articles on Ben :

President's Cup

Leicestershire were invited to send a team to the President's Cup - the inter-county teams of eight competition run by Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association. Derbyshire hosted the event this year at the East Midlands Bridge Acadamy, Spondon on 27th and 28th June.

Leicestershire were represented by:

Ben Norton and Simon Stokes (capt)

Ian Bruce and Mick Mahoney

Jenny Grant and Bharat Thakrar

Anne and Steve Wright

The team did very well finishing equal 5th of 13 in a very strong field.The results can be viewed through the results link on the right.