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Results 2016 are the results in the current year 2015-16.

Three Counties Green Pointed Events
Event Description Holders Results Honours
2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 board
LeicestershireSwiss Pairs Irene & John Auld 05/03/16 Leicestershire Swiss Pairs
Sat 05/03/2016
Leicestershire Swiss Pairs 2014-2015 Leicestershire Swiss Pairs 2013-2014 Leicestershire Swiss Pairs 2012-2013 Leicestershire Swiss Pairs 2011-2012
LeicestershireSwiss Teams Lin & Ron Birch
Ian & Julie Grant
None No Leicestershire Swiss Teams will be run this year. It is being replaced by an additional Swiss Pairs event to be held on Sat 18 June 2016 Leicestershire Swiss Pairs 2014-2015 Leicestershire Swiss Teams 2013-2014 Leicestershire Swiss Teams 2012-2013 Leicestershire Swiss Teams 2011-2012
DerbyshireSwiss Pairs Graham Jepson & David Musson Derbyshire Swiss Pairs 2015-2016
Derbyshire Swiss Pairs 2014-2015 Derbyshire Swiss Pairs 2013-2014 Derbyshire Swiss Pairs 2011-2012
DerbyshireSwiss Teams Bazil Cayghill & David Waxman
Sandy Davies & Tom Gisborne
Derbyshire Swiss Teams 2015-2016
Derbyshire Swiss Teams 2014-2015 Derbyshire Swiss Teams 2013-2014 Derbyshire Swiss Teams 2011-2012
NottinghamshireSwiss Pairs Dan Crofts & Gary Hyett
Nottinghamshire Swiss Pairs 2015-2016
Nottinghamshire Swiss Pairs 2014-2015
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Nottinghamshire Swiss Pairs 2013-2014
NottinghamshireSwiss Teams John Griffin & Don Smedley
Richard Edwards & Roger Mallinson
Nottinghamshire Swiss Teams 2015-2016
Nottinghamshire Swiss Teams 2014-2015
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Nottinghamshire Swiss Teams 2013-2014