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Final Results of the Josephs Bowl and Butterworth-Langley Trophy (Plate arising from the Josephs) are available on the  Competitions  Page.

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Sadly, Howard Stevens passed away on 15-Apr 2015 aged 83 years
He is survived by his widow, Marian

Funeral Tuesday 28-Apr 2:15 pm at Gilroes

2015 Buckby and Olga Cups (Mens and Ladies Pairs) Wed 29-Apr 2015 at Rothley .. more

2015 Joyce Cup (Mixed Pivot Teams) Wed 13-May 2015 at Greenfields .. More

The LCBA calendar for 2014-15 is attached     ......  more

Currently, events up to end of April are in the BridgeWebs Calendar, and later events remain on this link.

LCBA Executive Committee Minutes of the 15-Sep 2014 meeting are now available by following the Committee Minutes item under  LCBA Information  in the menu to the left of this page.

26th April 2015
Gimson Trophy Final
29th April 2015
Buckby Cup (Mens Pairs)
Rothley Centre
29th April 2015
Olga Cup (Ladies Pairs)
Rothley Centre
22nd April 2015
Stanley Trophy Heat 7
1st April 2015
Gimson Semi-Final Yellow Section
1st April 2015
Gimson Semi-final Red Section
31st March 2015
Leicester Mercury Trophy
11th March 2015
Stanley Trophy Heat 6
8th March 2015
LCBA / Joint Counties Green Point Swiss Teams
7th March 2015
LCBA / Joint Counties Green Point Swiss Pairs
19th February 2015
Pairs League 5 (Final Round)
11th February 2015
Stanley Trophy Heat 5
2nd February 2015
LCBA National Pairs Heat
28th January 2015
Josephs Bowl Round 2
28th January 2015
Butterworth LangleyTrophy Round 1
15th January 2015
Pairs League 4
14th January 2015
Stanley Trophy Heat 4
14th January 2015
Wilde Cup
18th December 2014
Pairs League 3
26th November 2014
Stanley Trophy Heat 3
20th November 2014
Pairs League 2
29th October 2014
Stanley Trophy Heat 2
16th October 2014
Pairs League 1
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