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League Fixture

Cunningham League


Day 1 Nov 11th

Day 2 Nov 25th

Day 3 Jan 27th

Day 4 Feb 24th

Day 5 Mar 30th

League Cup & Shield

Day 6 Apr 7th

Day 7 May 19th

There could be an Extra Date

Depending on Number of Teams

Welcome to Mid Leinster Region Cunningham League
Cunningham League
Cunningham League

Next League Event 

Day 1 2018-19

Nov 11th 2018

The League Main Sponsor is Cunningham Furneral Homes

We are supported by the Clubs of the MLR Region

Also supported by Westmanstown Sports Centre


Fixtures Masters


Fixtures A1


Fixtures A2

Fixtures B League

Fixtures B League Final

Final May 20th



Home Team

Away Team



Naas Maudlins (PD)

Naas Maudlins (AH)



Fixtures B League

Fixtures B League

 Playoff 3rd & 4th Places May 20th


Home Team

Away Team




Dunboyne (AN)




Fixtures Novice


2017 League Teams Cunningham League Club Website

Master Teams

Castleknock (AC)

D15 (NB)

Leixlip (RL)

Westmanstown (BB) (TS) (JCM)



Inter A1

Cnucha (ROG)


Leixlip (AD) (MH) (PH)

Westmanstown (GM)

St Brigids (BM)



Inter A2

Castleknock (CG)


D15 (SB)

Dunboyne (CM)

Leixlip (VS)

Naas Mauldlins (JM)

St Brigids (FF)

The Vue(YD)

Westmanstown (GK)

Inter B

CLTC (DK) (JC)  (JL)

Coolmine (BC)

D15 (BB)

Dunboyne (AN)

2012 Maynooth

Naas Maudlins (AH) (PD)

Phoenix Park (RQ)

The Vue (EMcD) (SC)



7 No Trump (LC) (

Confey Castle (BC)

Naas Mauldlins (CD)  (TC)

Roselawn (MC)

Rye Valley (SC)

The Vue (AC) (KP) (OB)


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Cunningham League Week 7 Finals Day
Final A1
Final A2
B Final & Place
Final Novice
Week 6 B Sect 1
Cunningham Wk 6 A1
Cunningham Wk 6 Master
Cunningham Wk 6 A2
Cunningham Wk 6 B Section 2
Cunningham Wk 6 Novice
Cunningham League Week 5 Cup & Shield
Cunningham League Week 4
Week 4 A2
Week 4 B
Week 4 Novice
Week 3 Masters
Week 3 A1
Week 3 A2
Week 3 B1