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Glitter Gulch Sectional Feb-2017
A Note of Special Thanks

Thank you to everyone for the great time at the Return to Glitter Gulch Sectional.  The total effort requires a lot of help, and a lot of coordination.  I just thought that you’d like to see the number of people who made all of this tournament a success:

  • Directors Ken Horwedel and Brandon Sheumaker were the best, making sure everything ran smoothly. 

  • Gary McGough and Karen Kimes for making sure that everyone who wanted to play had a partner.  

  • Karen also put together a great guide to local restaurants for our visitors. 

  • Many thanks to our Guest Speakers - Mike Cochran and Darryl Depew.  

  • Jacque Brickey Helped setting up our play site, then, welcomed our winners and offered Section Top prizes. 
  • Ed Matulis, Supplies Chairman Emeritus stepped up one last time and did his usual excellent job.  
  • Bert Kulic handled all the treasurer functions and provided all around support all week. 

  • Bob Lafleur investigated the Plaza and negotiated the contract. 

  • Our caddies Matt, Mark, and Karen did a great job. 

Judy Kay-Wolff used her widely read blog to promote the tournament to her many readers.  

A very Special thanks go to the Bridge Club of Henderson and to Las Vegas Bridge World who both closed throughout the week – we thank you for your support. 

As always, the great folks from Mesquite and St. George were here in force, Thanks. 

Above all, thanks to the Plaza for providing us with the great playing space - we are glad to be back after 13 years, with more to come. 

Finally , and most importantly I want to thank all of you players, who came and made our Return to Glitter Gulch such a success. I feel quite certain we have rekindled the excitement of Glitter Gulch as a mainstay of our Las Vegas events.


               Angie Clark,

               Tournament Chair

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Glitter Gulch Tournament Report