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2019 Election Notice from Bob Lafleur,

Unit Vice President

Hello All,

As in years past, the annual board election cycle is approaching.  Attached is an announcement of the election as well as an announcement of a proposed bylaw change which will be voted on at the Nomination meeting and Pair Game.  This proposed bylaw change, if approved, will take effect in 2019, as prescribed in our bylaws.  A voting ticket will be given to all who attend the meeting.  This change is very important for future proposed bylaw changes.   To review it in its entirety, please click the "Nomination-Unit Game" (above):

Thank you,
Bob Lafleur
702 360-1002  Home   702 480-0490  Cell

Attention – All unit members


Nomination Unit Game on SATURDAY

(not the usual Sunday)

November 3rd


Light lunch at 11:30am – Tacos – rice – Beans


Board nominations taken at 12:15pm


Pair Games –Open – 0-299er – Time – 12:30pm

Daryl Depew – Director


To sign up for seating preference and advance reservations online:



We hope to see you there –

thank you,

Unit 373



Unit Board Meeting will be held on

Sunday, November 4th - at 11:30 am

1 Las Vegas Boulevard - 2nd Floor, Players Site - Las Vegas, NV 89100

If you have any topic, suggestion, or other item you wish to bring to the board's attention, we respectfully request that you send us an email at least 10 days in advance in order that is may be added to our agenda.  Please address your email to:

Mrs. Victoria Hodes,

Unit Secretary  -