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Click on the Calendar menu item on the left hand side of this page. This will display forthcomning events. If, after the 'Date and Duplicate' the word 'Partner ?' appears, it means that someone is looking for a partner for that session. Click on 'Partner ?' and you will see who it is that requires a partner and you will be able to e-mail/phone them if you would like to partner them.


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The Langham Bridge Club website is administered by Simon Penn, who may be contacted by email at Simonpenn1@hotmail.com
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Completing the Traveller

UPDATE:  September 2018

Recently there have been issues with completion of the travellers.


Note: Although it is North's responsibility to write, East has an equal responsibility to ensure that the information is correct.

Filling out Travellers is not rocket science but when they are not completed correctly it can cause major problems and anguish for the scorer. Please observe (and act upon) the following

1. At the start of the evening North is responsible for PRINTING the FULL names of BOTH the pairs playing the on their first table together with the pair numbers on the back of one of the Travellers.
East must check that this has been done correctly. (Put N/S at the top and E/W underneath, this helps the scorer).

2)  North to write the correct board number on the traveller at the top right hand side, and again, East to ensure that this is correct.

3. During play it is North's responsibility to check that they have the correct opponents and correct boards as indicated on the movement card.

4. North is responsible for completing the Traveller after each board is played. Then East must then be shown the Traveller and it is East's responsibility to check that what has been entered is correct.

5. ALL players must pay attention to what they are being told before play begins and during the breaks in-between rounds.

The simple observance of the above will make life much easier for everyone especially the scorer.