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Preston Blue Pointed Pairs
Sunday 15 April 11.00am-6:00pm at Preston BC

Madeleine Berney Swiss Pairs
Sun 6 May  1:30pm at Brierfield BC


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County Matches
Selection of Lancashire Teams

1.All players must be members of the EBU with first allegiance to Lancashire.
2.Teams to represent LCBA are selected annually for the Tollemache Cup, the President's Cup, and for matches in the Northern Bridge League and against Cumbria.
3 Teams will be picked by a Selection Committee, which will be elected at the December Council meeting.
4 Criteria employed in the selection of teams include established reputation; involvement and performance in national, LCBA and other regional events; and a desire to give a variety of deserving pairs the opportunity to represent the County. The Selection Committee maintains a database of pairs who have expressed an interest in representing the County. If you think you are not on the database and wish to be considered please contact the Chairman of Selectors.
5 A further requirement (laid down by Council) is that to qualify for Lancashire representative matches, players are normally to have demonstrated support for LCBA events over the recent 12-18 months.
6 Selection of the team to represent Lancashire in the Tollemache Cup will take particular account of the performance of pairs during the year in the Northern Bridge League A Division matches and in the President's Cup.

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Selection Pool

A Division

B Alston                C Mitchell
A Barnes                S Norris / D King
R Bentley               P Hepworth
J Brearley              R Shine
M Farr                  J Morrell
D Fazackerley           D Hilton
D King                  M Nicholson / T Wilkinson
J Pye                   J Smith
A Petrie                B Alston / J Smith   
D Williams              C Croswell / B Winter
N Woodcock              S Woodcock            

B Division

B Carr                  S Clarke
S Challinor             T Wilkinson
D Costich               A Lum
B Dormand               A Kirby
P Evans                 A Whittam
D Hammond               P Worswick
B Ripley                B Newall
B Loveridge             N Sutcliffe
L Smith                 M Tomlinson
J Wilkins               A Wilkins


C Division

B Apfel                 L Hoy
Duncan Ault             Diane Ault
R Atkinson              P Holden
J Ashworth              C Ashworth
Judy Brearley           D Pendlebury/P Holden/H Dent
B Brelsford             J Wright
A Burgess               J Dearing
A Butler                B Wattleworth
A Crabtree              D Spencer
C Henderson             B Henderson
Malcolm Fyne            Madeleine Fyne
B Mercer                J Warner
B Newall                J Newall
B Perry                 L Wilson
A Petrie                V Petrie
W Sutherland            S Whittam
B Winter                H Winter

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