Wednesday Evening Partnership and Directors
Discontinuation of Partnership Lists on Website

Unless there are strong objection these lists of directors and partners will be discontinued. The prime documents are the lists on the club noticeboard. It is difficult to keep these website copies up to date, especially for Partnership when the partner may volunteer quite late and the details are not transferred to the website before the session takes place.

Details of Directors and known Partners will still be displayed on the website Calendar.


March 2018
Date Director Partner
7 Mar David Lowe  
14 Mar David Lowe  
21 Mar David Lowe  
28 Mar Alan Paylor Gill Wildon


April 2018
Date Director Partner
4 Apr Alan Paylor  
11 Apr Alan Paylor  
18 Apr Alan Paylor  
25 Apr    


Past months are listed below:

February 2018
Date Director Partner
7 Feb Alan Paylor
14Feb Alan Paylor
21 Feb Alan Paylor
28 Feb David Lowe  


January 2018
Date Director Partner
3 Jan Alan Paylor Alan Paylor
10 Jan Alan Paylor David Needham
17 Jan David Lowe
24 Jan David Lowe
31 Jan David Lowe  


December 2017
Date Director Partner
6 Dec Alan Paylor Alan Paylor
13 Dec David Lowe
20 Dec David Lowe
27 Dec Tony Saville  


November 2017
Date Director Partner
1 Nov David Lowe
8 Nov Alan Paylor
15 Nov Alan Paylor
22 Nov David Lowe Isabelle Baron
29 Nov David Lowe Chris Chippendale


October 2017
Date Director Partner
 4 Oct Alan Paylor Jack Etchells
11 Oct Alan Paylor
18 Oct David Lowe Allan Holden
25 Oct Stephen Raine  


September 2017
Date Director Partner
 6 Sept Alan Paylor
13 Sept Peter Jackson Frank Sutcliffe
20 Sept Peter Jackson
27 Sept Alan Paylor Sandra Bell


January to August 2017
Date Director Partner
4 Jan
11 Jan
18 Jan Jean Higham
25 Jan David Needham
1 Feb Frank Sutcliffe
8 Feb Alan Paylor
15 Feb Alan Paylor
22 Feb Alan Paylor
1 Mar David Lowe Chris Chippendale
8 Mar David Lowe Barbara Vollands
15 Mar Alan Paylor David Needham
22 Mar Alan Paylor
29 Mar David Lowe
5 April David Lowe Chris Chippendale
12 April Alan Paylor Frank Sutcliffe
19 April Alan Paylor
26 April Alan Paylor Frank Sutcliffe
3 May Jean Higham
10 May
17 May Deborah Robinson
24 May Alan Paylor
31 May David Lowe Jean Higham
7 June David Lowe Jean Higham
14 June Alan Paylor Alan Paylor
21 June Alan Paylor
28 June David Lowe Margaret Nolan
5 July David Lowe Chris Chippendale
12 July David Lowe C Metcalfe
19 July Alan Paylor Margaret Nolan
26 July Alan Paylor Chris Chippendale
2 Aug Alan Paylor Margaret Nolan
9 Aug David Lowe
16 Aug David Lowe David Needham
23 Aug Alan Paylor Chris Chippendale
30 Aug Alan Paylor Deborah Robinson