Partnership & Dealing

Partnership Rotas


Partnership schemes are regularly run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to enable anyone to turn up for those sessions without a partner.


Members who take advantage of the partnership scheme are expected to contribute to it and volunteer for partnership duty. Remember that everyone benefits from the partnership scheme. Even if you almost always come with a partner, the scheme encourages others to come and ensure enough pairs for bridge to be viable.


If you are willing to act as partner at any particular session, please enter your name on one of the forms on the club noticeboard. (This will be copied to the website a few days later)



Dealing Rota


The dealing machine allows us to have pre-dealt hands which can be uploaded to the website. Players can then review the hands they have played and look at the contracts suggested as possible in the analysis. To make this possible we need people prepared to give up their time once every few weeks to deal the cards for the week.


This duty sometimes seems to come round very often and more dealers would be appreciated. If you are new to dealing but are prepared to help, please contact Chris Evans.


To volunteer to deal please enter your name(s) in the form on the club noticeboard. This will be copied to the website a few days later.



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