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MONDAYS  SUPERVISED PLAY.   Improve play and bidding.  Anyone with basic bridge-playing  
skills is welcome to join us at 9:15am.   $5/week 

TUESDAYS  BEGINNERS CLASS.  Learn bridge starting from scratch.   The series of 6 lessons starts     September 25, 2018, with Susie Black as instructor.  10:00am     $40/6 lessons, Audrey Grant format. 

WEDNESDAYS   ADVANCED BEGINNERS CLASS.  Starting on Sept 26, 9:15am,  Elsa and friends will help improve your game with common conventions and tips on defense and declarer play.  10:00am.  $40/6 lessons.      Our NOVICE GAME will also be held on Wednesdays at 1:00pm.

CONTACT:  ELSA NAIL    863-712-0857 for info and sign up for all courses. Please come and learn, play, and have fun with us! 







August Birthdays

September 9:    Allyson Dorman
September 11:  Pam Folsom (We miss you, Pam!)
September 13:  Brenda Inman
September 14:  Mary Lowery
September 20:  Maureen Seddon, Rick Simpson, and Teddy Fitzwater
September 25:  Marjorie Clark



Hope you have a wonderful birthday!   Thanks for being part of our club!




                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

(If we've left your name out, please let us know!)

August Birthdays
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