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Updated Name Email Telephone at Lakeside Playing Level Dates requested Other comments
24th Feb 2017 19:22 CST Linda Fox !EEE187 755-5576993 (cell)no local number Strong C player. Played duplicate in Ajijic May-November 2015. Monday and Tuesday--March 13,14
7th Feb 2017 11:42 CST Elizabeth Bowen !EEE300 508-903-7993 C Flexible 'til March 3
25th Jan 2017 12:45 CST Patrice Martel !EEE297 3334417510 adv looking for a strong pd/team to play on the upcoming sectional
19th Jan 2017 10:36 CST Joe Melton !EEE291 LM. 400 MPs. SAYC Any New in town
13th Jan 2017 10:29 CST Reg cunningham !EEE288 3321858400 c b i play at advance level on BBO from jan16 til march 25 sayc michaels unusual 2nt
7th Jan 2017 08:51 CST magdalena roberts !EEE264 C Tues and thurs afternoon joined last year am here till march 6th
8th Nov 2016 02:18 CST linda welburn !EEE285 Have been learning English bridge for 4 yrs. 19-25 November I'm travelling solo to Ajijic
7th Nov 2016 07:35 CST Cynthia Tree !EEE249 2/1 450 points Tuesdays , Mondays, Fridays
1st Nov 2016 11:16 CST Janet Schindel !EEE257 3313960575 C Nov 1,Nov 8
26th Oct 2016 13:06 CDT Janet Schindel !EEE257 C Oct.27 and onward till Middle of Dec. 13069616405
30th Jun 2016 14:13 CDT Shirley Hemmer !EEE232 766-3228 C level-Standard American open for now, just arrived in Ajijic for the summer July, August and September, will join club
6th May 2016 16:18 CDT Peggy Chilton !EEE21 C Tues. May 10
1st May 2016 22:47 CDT Patti Taylor !EEE274 C 5/6/2016 Need 2 over 1 partner. Visitor from Unit 174 Houston
22nd Mar 2016 10:57 CST Doris Keeble !EEE271 766-2017 Any level Tuesday29th Mar Visiting from Australia till 27th April
24th Feb 2016 11:05 CST Reg cunningham !EEE130 3321858400 c will play any level monday march 3rd i last played on feb tuesday feb 23
1st Feb 2016 11:21 CST Lynette Enevoldsen !EEE267 766 0580 intermediate Feb 3, 10, 17 etc for lesson
11th Jan 2016 22:39 CST Susan Valerio Long !EEE263 3 years playing, lower intermediate level 2/1 April 18-26, 2016 Visiting from Little Rock, Arkansas. Really looking forward to playing bridge with amenable partners in Lake Chapala.
8th Jan 2016 15:32 CST julian dunlop !EEE262 376-763 5016 advanced thursday jan 21 , Thursday jan28 I am in Chapala until the end of march
7th Jan 2016 12:51 CST Alicia Salcido !EEE88 387-7610-260 C level Thurs 14 Jan 16
4th Jan 2016 20:30 CST Reg cunningham !EEE130 3321858400 advance, a,b, or c levels Jan5th 7th 8th sayc my phone is now working
29th Dec 2015 16:48 CST mac mccarthy !EEE259 3334527169 Int dec29___apr2016
28th Dec 2015 18:34 CST reg cunningham !EEE130 3321858400 advanced mostly, good days expert tuesday dec 29 thursday dec 31st thursday friday next week jan 7&8th
27th Dec 2015 17:26 CST Reg cunningham !EEE130 advanced all just got back for the winter, was a member last year
26th Dec 2015 19:41 CST mac mccarthy !EEE259 not yet Intermediate dec28th thru march live acrossnthe street from LCS. will bus tonthe game next week hoping to find anpartner.
24th Dec 2015 12:56 CST Carol Van Parys !EEE258 766-4720 Intermediate starting in January I have just moved here from Spokane WA and would like to begin playing again. I played everyday before and enjoy learning all the conventions. I have just shy of 200 pts.
6th Dec 2015 21:20 CST Joel Saunders !EEE252 none I am a life master with 471 points. Will play 2/1 or Standard American. Most conventions, bergen raises, smolen, puppet staymen etc. I'll be arriving on Dec 7 and will be there for a week. I would like to play Thursday, Friday and Monday.
21st Nov 2015 11:48 CST Hugh Varange !EEE250 Haven't played for four years. Used be be Advanced+. Any dates. Monday, Fri, Sat
15th Nov 2015 09:28 CST Cynthia Tree !EEE249 None use email 450 masterpoints. I plaw 2/1. I joined the club last Thursday but have had no further information. I'll am keen to play on Mondays and Fridays Mondays and Fridays
10th Oct 2015 15:04 CDT stephen hunter !EEE198 under 199 MP Friday am for ACBL event Back for the winter ..i am a member of the club
8th Oct 2015 22:13 CDT Bronwyn Boehm !EEE245 Advanced Fri 9th October pm We are a couple of Aussies visiting friends in the area and would love to have a one-off game of bridge if possible.
21st Aug 2015 09:37 CDT Becky Price !EEE241 under 199 Sept. 18 to 26th How do we get to your club from the center of Ajijic?
8th Aug 2015 10:52 CDT James Stroup !EEE240 experienced SAYC Aug 10-30
5th Aug 2015 14:14 CDT Barbara Wilson !EEE239 376-766-2275 (Long)lifetime player who has found geographic variations in conventions. Play quite well visiting Aug 8-14
3rd Aug 2015 17:42 CDT Larry Drews !EEE238 376-766-4577 Experienced A level player looking for long term partner willing/interested in playing a Precision Club bidding system. Want to develop a competent offensive/defensive system. open New member, new permanent resident.
21st Jun 2015 11:37 CDT Shirley Hemmer !EEE232 766-3228 experienced C level player-here for 4 months-need partner(s) for Tuesdays and Thursdays open
25th May 2015 00:55 CDT MARYANN J. SOINSKI !EEE229 USA: 407-671-4000 This is an inquiry for suggestions for hotels in your area that can accommodate a bridge club's bridge/vacation in your area? February 2016 Thank you for your information.
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