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Unit News
Unit Game August 26
The Unit Game will be held on Saturday, August 26.  Potluck lunch at noon; game at 1:00.  40 pesos.  The theme for this month's lunch in "Brunch!"
Check out the Scorecard
Unit 205 now has a regular column in the District 16 newsletter, The Scorecard.  You can read the news by going to the District 16 website at and clicking on the Scorecard link.  So check it out.  You just may see your name in lights!  The Scorecard is published every other month.  
2016 Ace of Clubs/Mini-McKenney
Unit 205 winners in the 2016 Ace of Clubs/Mini-McKenney for their category are:

0-5              Dee Lynn

5-20            Olga Kaplounenko
20-50          Donnie van Rooy
50-100         Colin Hodgson
100-200       Bernita Cooper

200-300       Frank (Paco) Jordan
300-500       Dagmar Rettberg
500-1000       Charles Chartier (Ace of Clubs) and Pat Mitchell (Mini-McKenney)
1000-1500     Mary Ann White
2500-3500   Diane van Brocklin (Ace of Clubs) and Jimmy Reynolds (Mini-McKenney)
3500-5000   Mary Anderson (Ace of Clubs) and Dick Nelson (Mini-McKenney)
5000-7500    Norinne Nelson

10,000+        Gerry Marshall

Unit Board Members
Your Unit 205 Board Members are:
Lew Crippen
Mary Ann White
Charles Chartier
Mollie Nadler
Marianne Hodgson
Cindy Thomson
Buz Trevor