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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Special Games and Game Fees

The Management Committee has listened to your comments concerning special games and the additional fees for those games and made the decision to limit the number of other special games with additional fees in the future.  One exception is to continue having charity games at an extra cost of about $1 USD per player to benefit local charities.

There have also been questions asked about why the game fee increase from $35 to $40 pesos originally approved to pay for the dealing machine has become permanent. The Management Committee wishes to inform the membership that this decision was made to restore our reserve funds.  Reserve funds are required primarily to cover the cost of an unanticipated need to move the club to another facility should our lease be cancelled.  We also need to have reserve funds available in case we would need to pay severance for our long time maid employee should she decide to quit or be replaced. Our reserves were significantly depleted last year for the renovations to the building and the new chairs.  Additionally, we have had increases in overhead expenses, especially in rent, electrical costs, and housekeeping services.  Rent alone has increased from $9,055 to $11,000 pesos monthly since initiating the 40 peso game fee. Furthermore, rent, CFE (power) and maid expenses will continue to increase by about 4% annually due to the cost of living.

Last updated : 1st Oct 2015 00:53 CDT
Muchisimas gracias Tom!!

Thanks to the generousity of our snowbird member Tom Henson, the club now has a new public address system for the directors and others to use for pre game announcements.

Last updated : 27th Aug 2014 09:27 CDT
Members News
Members News

The upper masterpoint limit for the Friday morning game has been changed from under 100 to under 200. The 99rs are looking forward to the additional competition.  The first session with this new upper limit will be January 24.  We hope this increases the attendance at the game.  You do not need a partner to play in this game.  Stephen will still be giving a lesson at 9:00 am with play beginning at 9:30 am.

Last updated : 14th Jan 2014 09:52 CST
Ken Masson's Bridge by the Lake

Could the defence have done any better? First lead is the King of Diamonds.

Experience counts for a lot in competitive bridge. Although the odds against the exact same deal occurring more than once in a lifetime are stupendous, certain situations reappear with sufficient frequency that if you recognise a possible solution early enough it can lead you to the best line of play.  Such was the case with the hand in the diagram which was played at the Lake Chapala Duplicate Bridge Club in Riberas.

West dealt and opened 1 diamond and after North passed, East ventured a bid of 1 spade. Although East held 6 diamonds and only 4 spades and 6 high card points, the lure of trying to find a major suit fit proved too strong.  South considered his hand too good for a simple overcall so he made a take-out double.

West had the values to raise his partner to 2 spades and this took North off the hook so she didn’t have to bid with her modest collection. East passed and South now showed his strength by bidding 3 hearts. West passed and North came alive as her hand began to look less anaemic and she raised her partner to game.

West led the diamond King and when dummy came down declarer could see two inevitable spade losers as well as two possible club losers so his contract was in some jeopardy.  Fortunately however, this South was sufficiently long in the tooth to be familiar with a gadget known as a strip and endplay so he set about attempting to set one up.  But he would need a little help from the opponents to make his plan work.

Declarer won the first trick in hand perforce and immediately led the spade queen from hand, taken by West with the ace.  West now led a second diamond which declarer ruffed in hand followed by his remaining spade to dummy’s jack and East’s king.  East now returned a trump and declarer was in control. South won in hand with the ace and crossed to the king, drawing the opponents’ last trump.  He then cashed the spade jack pitching a club from hand followed by a small club to his ace.  Now came the coup de grace: declarer led a small club from his hand and East-West were now completely powerless.  If West rose with the king it would cannibalize his partner’s queen; if he let it ride around to East’s queen that player would have no safe exit card and would have to play a diamond or a spade allowing declarer to sluff a losing club from his hand as he ruffed in dummy.  This was the only table in the contest where 4 hearts was bid and made.

Could the defence have done any better? Yes! If West had led a club initially, though this would have been very difficult on the bidding, or if West had eyed declarer’s spade queen suspiciously at trick two and switched to a club on winning the spade ace, South would not have had the timing to set up the endplay and the contract would have failed.  But declarer had spotted his best chance of making his game and then he executed it.

Last updated : 20th Feb 2014 12:03 CST