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Welcome to Lake Chapala Duplicate Bridge Club
June Game Schedule

All games in June with the exceptions below will be regular pair games with entry fees of $50 pesos.

The week of June 18th-June 22nd– All regularly scheduled morning and afternoon games this week will be Club Championships with the usual $50 peso entry fee and lots of extra masterpoints.


Monday afternoon, June 25th – We will have a Charity Swiss Team game with a $70 peso entry fee. This will be an 8 is enough game where each team can have up to 8 points in terms of team member masterpoints where an A player would be 3 points, a B player 2 points, and a C player 1 point so a team could consist of 2 A players and 2 C players, 4 B players, an A, two Bs and a C, etc.  The player strata for the purpose of this event only will be: A = unlimited, B = up to 1000, and C = up to 300.


Friday afternoon, June 29th– This will be a Charity Open Pairs game with an entry fee of $70 pesos.


Saturday, June 30th – The Unit will be having an Open Championship Pairs game at the club.




St. Pat bids adios to the snowbirds
St. Pat bids adios to the snowbirds

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Don't Forget to PLAY NICE!

Your Board has been focused on attracting novice and former members to play in our open games. We want to remind everyone that bridge is a game of respect for all, regardless of experience. Please remember the "play nice" guidelines as posted on our bulletin board. Many thanks.

Come Play Bridge!

The Lake Chapala Duplicate Bridge Club cordially invites all those interested in playing bridge to visit us and enjoy the fun of bridge.

The club is located on the Carreterra in Riberas del Pilar on Lake Chapala between Mom’s Deli and the Maskaras Clinic. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons with games starting at 1:30 and ending before 5:00. Friday mornings feature a short lesson and a beginner game at 9:15. The doors usually open about 12:30 for afternoon games and 8:45 for Friday morning games so come by, say hi and make some new friends.

Don’t know how to play the greatest card game ever invented? No problem! The Lake Chapala Duplicate Bridge Club offers lessons for beginners and intermediates. Our friendly instructors will make you feel at home and have you playing in no time. Wednesday afternoons starting at 1:30 are a great time to get your feet wet when the club offers lessons and supervised play. Come join us and have some fun.

What do Churchill, Sharif, Gates, Buffett have in common?
What do Churchill, Sharif, Gates, Buffett have in common?


They are well-known bridge devotees together with Dwight Eisenhower, Mahatma Ghandi, Deng Xiao Ping, Agatha Christie, Oprah Winfrey, Woody Allen, and Martina Navratilova.

The most challenging mental sport, bridge is a game of skill, concentration and infinite possibilities. It’s part science, part math, part logic, part reason and embodies cooperation, problem solving and has even been linked to higher test scores among children. It is an easy game to learn, a hard game to master and you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it.

Millions of people worldwide play at home, in clubs or on-line. Many advance to tournaments or “duplicate” bridge to enjoy its social competitive aspects.

The medical profession is only now coming to realise that, as people are tending to live longer. Remain mentally fit may be as important as maintaining their levels of physical fitness. More and more often chess, bridge, backgammon and crossword puzzles are being cited as excellent activities for keeping the brain exercised and stalling the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Bridge provides an excellent mechanism to improve a player’s:

  • Logical thinking skills
  • Mathematical ability
  • Memory
  • Teamwork
  • Social skills
  • Concentration
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving ability, and
  • Inferential reasoning

Bridge is one of the few games played today by people of all ages and nationalities.

Special Message

Feeling achy? Got a cough? Sneezing? Please stay home. Read more

Gracious Players

Our club practices zero tolerance as well as having a scent-free policy. Please come wearing no perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, etc.

As well, gracious player guidelines are posted in the club. We ask all players to bear them in mind to ensure an enjoyable day for everyone.


Please click to view Best Behavior at Bridge.


22nd June 2018
Open Pairs Club Championship
1:30 pm
Director: Diane VanBrocklin
Cost: $50 pesos
25th June 2018
Charity Swiss Teams (8 is enough)
1:30 pm
Director: Mike Roney
Cost: $70 pesos
26th June 2018
Open Pairs
1:30 pm
Director: Lew Crippen
Cost: $50 pesos
299er Pairs Club Championship
Director: Stephen Segall
Open Pairs Club Championship
Director: Lew Crippen
Open Pairs Club Championship
Director: Janet Mitchell