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KLTC Bridge Club
Club Profile

Special interest group within Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club (KLTC)

Bridge Club members must be KLTC members

Duplicate sessions are held on Monday afternoons, Tuedays evenings & Thursday mornings

Visitors may play only if invited by members as their partners (limited to three times per year)

Mailing Address

KLTC Bridge Club,

c/- Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong, VIC 3144


Membership Application Form (click here)

Forms may also be obtained from KLTC Reception

VBA Bulletin - October 2017 (click here)
Registration - Next Thursday Duplicate






KLTC can only guarantee us one of the smaller conference rooms on a Thursday so we must limit the tables to 12, 24 pairs.


    -  If you ticked 'need a partner' the 'Connector' will contact you

      -  If you need to cancel contact the 'Connector' on 0432 221 036

      -  Of course we will always accept walk ins (if there is space),  you must arrive by 9.00am and make yourself known to the 'Convenor'           

      -  Bookings only by KLTC members 

      -  Each Thursday afternoon the site will be cleared ready for the following week's entries.